UIS Website

Chancellor Koch has, in consultation with faculty, staff, and students, articulated three priorities for 2013-16:

a) Growth
b) Talent acquisition and retention
c) Facilities

To support these priorities, the Office of Web Services has streamlined the online presence of the university and addresses the university’s digital reputation using a Content Management System and Official Website Themes for all official department and academic program websites.

Understanding the Z- and F-Pattern Layouts

The Z-Pattern

The Z-Pattern layout is effective on web pages that are not as focused on text.

When the eye of your audience reaches the end of the first horizontal line across the top of the screen, it shoots down and left (also based on the reading habit), and repeats a horizontal search on the lower part of the web page. While this classic pattern layout is not the perfect solution for each and every website out there, it quickly and effectively moves the eye from Point 1 to Point 4 in a logical order, and is very effective when used correctly.

The Z Pattern - UIS Homepage

The F-Pattern

The F-Pattern layout for web pages follows the most common patterns when it comes to scanning blocks of content.

The F refers to your audience first scanning a horizontal line across the top of the screen, then scanning a vertical line down the left side of the screen, looking for keywords or points of interest in the first sentences. They begin reading in normal horizontal lines when they locate content that is valuable to them.

The F Pattern - UIS Progran Website

Where We Have Been

  • 2014 – Complete content migration to CMS; refresh top-level and enrollment management theme
  • 2013 – Department and unit website migration to CMS; homepage update; refresh department and unit website theme; comprehensive web accessibility checks and fixes for all websites; content migration to CMS; streamline migrated websites; train campus Editors and Authors; launch new homepage; launch and apply new theme to migrated websites
  • 2012 – UIS Mobile App; development/deployment of new websites; restructure existing websites; brand materials; comprehensive web accessibility checks and fixes for all websites; completed CMS testing; sandbox and performance scaling; website migration tests; planning [process, procedures, training, support] and initial website migration
  • 2011 – Global script updates; functional updates to websites; development/deployment of new websites; comprehensive web accessibility checks and fixes for all websites; updated CMS review/testing.
  • 2010 – Global script updates; new homepage; refreshed template for top-level marketing websites; development/deployment of new website; comprehensive code fixes for website fixes; initiated social media integration; web accessibility checks/fixes; CMS review/testing completed.
  • 2009 – New homepage; development/deployment of new websites; Web accessibility check/fixes.
  • 1996-2008 – Campus Web Policy approved by Chancellor’s Cabinet; web publishing system reviewed and implemented; development and deployment of new websites; migration of legacy websites; enterprise-wide implementation of web infrastructure.