Our Most Cherished Tradition: Commencement

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Congratulations, graduates! We are proud of you!

Each year the University of Illinois Springfield celebrates its many outstanding graduates by holding commencement ceremonies.

“Along with your family and friends, I want you to know how proud I am of you today. I’m grateful to the UIS faculty and staff and to all who helped get you to this day and who are here to honor you and celebrate your achievements

– Chancellor  Susan J. Koch

Graduates at Commencement
Graduates at Commencement

A number of events are planned for graduates, their families and guests, including Cap Honors, Online Degree, Lavender Graduation, Black Graduation, Hispanic/Latinx, and International Student events.

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On our YouTube Channel, you’ll find video of different Commencement events, including scenes from the ceremony, speakers, and other events.

Students Taking Commencement Photos at the Colonnade

Mother and daughter team Phyllis West of Chatham and Jenna Harlow of Springfield both graduated in 2010 with a master’s degree in Teacher Leadership.

“We would help each other out when we signed up. You know, what class are you going to take? What homework is due at the end of the week? Sometimes she’d call me up on Saturday and say you realize that assignment is due tomorrow.”

 – Phyllis West

Phyllis West

Jenna Harlow

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On our Flickr Collection you’ll find photos from different Commencement years, including many different Commencement events.

UIS graduates a record number of students during the 46th annual commencement

The University of Illinois Springfield held two commencement ceremonies on Saturday, May 13, 2017, at the Prairie Capital Convention Center in downtown Springfield. A record 1,270 students took part in the ceremonies, making it the largest commencement in the university’s history.

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Graduate at Commencement

“Graduates, this is your day and you are participating in an important rite of passage that universities have honored for centuries. All that you have strived for culminates today with this milestone. Congratulations!”
– Chancellor Susan J. Koch