What’s New

The items listed in the timeline are large projects during an academic year; medium- and small-sized projects or tasks are not listed.

  1. 2017-2018

    1. Web Style Guide
    2. Black History Month feature on homepage
    3. Landing Pages and scripts for campaigns
    4. Today in UIS History deployed
    5. OWS and About refreshes
    6. Reaching Stellar website and scripts
    7. Web Accessibility (FAE) and W3C fixes and content error reports for all UIS websites completed
    8. Alexa skill, UIS, connects to a UIS knowledge base that contains frequently asked questions and facts
    9. UIF Fund updates
    10. Style enhancements for UIS WordPress
    11. Snippets shortcode for UIS WordPress
    12. Code documentation generated
    13. Connect with us scripts
    14. UIS Mobile React updates
    15. Homepage photo slider enhancement
  2. 2016 – 2017

    1. UIS homepage refresh completed
    2. Academic website Curriculum section content updates completed
    3. Alumni and Brand website updates – migrated Pages to Posts, redesigned Posts
    4. Comprehensive Website Review of all UIS websites completed
    5. Social media feeds programmed, embedded, and deployed for UIS websites
    6. iTunes U update (all podcast images, new content) completed
    7. IQ Chatbot (International Question Chatbot) implemented
    8. Broken Link Reports for all UIS websites completed
    9. Web Accessibility (FAE) and W3C content error reports for all UIS websites completed
    10. Google Translate implementation on all UIS websites
    11. UIS Mobile app, v 3.0 – Redeveloped, redesigned and implemented push notifications
    12. New Google Analytics Reports Panel in the WordPress dashboard for Editors and Authors implemented
    13. Comprehensive documentation update for all Web Services handouts completed
    14. CAS Website creation/combination completed
    15. 360° Photos and Video projects completed
    16. Alumni Update newsletter implemented
    17. About website and International website refreshes completed
    18. Advancement website restructure and refresh completed
    19. UIS Homepage Features Update completed
    20. Web Services Status checker deployed
    21. Migration to Github from BitBucket completed
    22. Updates and enhancements to the WordPress CMS deployed
  3. 2015 – 2016

    1. UIS Web Style Guide established
    2. Clery Maps created online
    3. Social Media Safety and Security presentation for UIS Campus Safety Week completed
    4. Enrollment Management features added to UIS Homepage updates
    5. UIS Cinemagraphs deployed
    6. Graduation Card – interactive feature on homepage implemented
    7. Orion pong – interactive feature on homepage implemented
    8. Photo sphere projects – UIS Sculptures, The Colonnade, Commencement on the UIS homepage implemented
    9. Broken Link Reports for all UIS websites completed
    10. Comprehensive Academic and Student Affairs Website and Analytics Review Reports completed
    11. Find Your Way Around UIS – OpenStreetMap deployed
    12. Web Accessibility (FAE) and W3C content error reports for all UIS websites completed
    13. Public Web Analytics Dashboard for Colleges deployed
    14. Websites restructured: Emiquon, IPL
    15. New websites deployed: Orientation, Police
    16. Comprehensive web accessibility checks and fixes for all UIS websites completed
  4. 2014-2015

    1. UIS Website ranked 8th in the nation
    2. Photo Gallery Feature added to WordPress
    3. Websites restructured: Diversity Center
    4. New websites deployed: Alumni Profiles, PreProfessional, Nursing, Speaker Series, Impact, Administrative Affairs, CSPL, ILLAPS
    5. Content migration to CMS completed
    6. Refreshed top-level and enrollment management theme
    7. Comprehensive web accessibility checks and fixes for all UIS websites completed
  5. 2013-2014

    1. Interactive Web Features deployed
    2. Redesigned and redeveloped UIS Mobile
    3. Websites restructured: Accreditation
    4. New websites deployed: Art, Music, Theatre (AMT), Visual Arts, Center for Academic Success, Office of Transition Services, Learning 1st, Survey Research Office, Office of Graduate Intern Programs, Office of Electronic Media, Nursing
    5. Content migrated to CMS
    6. Streamlined migrated websites
    7. Analytics Dashboard for Editors and Authors deployed
    8. Comprehensive web accessibility checks and fixes for all UIS websites completed
  6. 2012-2013

    1. New Homepage and Website Refresh Project 2013 deployed
    2. The UIS Website Project completed
    3. UIS Mobile for Android and iOS established
    4. New websites deployed: Academic Human Resources, Budget and Financial Analysis, Forensics Team, Office of Disability Services, Brand – Leadership lived, Undergraduate Research Support Program, Office of Prestigious Scholarships, Greek Life, STARS.
    5. Restructured existing websites
    6. Brand materials established
    7. Completed CMS testing
    8. Sandbox and performance scaling completed
    9. Website migration tests completed
    10. Planning [process, procedures, training, support] and initial website migration completed
    11. Comprehensive web accessibility checks and fixes for all UIS websites completed
  7. 2011-2012

    1. UIS Web App established
    2. Mobile template – departments, QR Code, WUIS Responsive Web Design established
    3. UIS Facebook Page: Request Info app established
    4. New websites deployed: Access Illinois, Campus Services, Career Development Center, Facilities and Services, Faculty Development Office, Office of New Student Orientation and Parent Relations, Student Union, Wepner Program on the Lincoln Legacy.
    5. Global script updates completed
    6. Functional updates to websites deployed
    7. Updated CMS review/testing completed
    8. Comprehensive web accessibility checks and fixes for all UIS websites on the Web Publishing Server completed
  8. 2010-2011

    1. Drupal websites deployed for CSPL – Illinois DUI Resource Pages, Drug Court Data Reporting System, Illinois Department of Aging/UIS – Elder Rights Conference.
    2. Web App for Illinois Issues Roster for State Government Official deployed
    3. my.UIS portal updates – Housing portlets, social media portlet; refreshed portlets; College pages updated.
    4. New websites deployed: 40 Years, APAC, Committee on Assessment of Student Learning, Continuing Education, Creative Services, Doctorate of Public Administration, Innocence Project, PacketMan, Study Abroad, Visual Arts.
    5. New WUIS website deployed
    6. Global script updates completed
    7. Refreshed template for top-level marketing and recruitment websites deployed
    8. Comprehensive code fixes for website fixes deployed
    9. CMS review/testing completed
    10. Comprehensive web accessibility checks and fixes for all UIS websites on the Web Publishing Server completed
  9. 2009-2010

    1. New campus home page launched July 29, 2010. Learn more »
    2. Draft of update to campus home page completedSee a preview
    3. The social home page established- The campus home page included a social media player where you can view our Flickr slideshows, YouTube videos, Twitter account, and Live Webcasts
    4. Top 100 List established – Our first list of the Top 100 UIS websites for the calendar year 2009.
    5. Analytics for Contribute websites delivered – Data about visitors and the sources of the visits were delivered to department websites
    6. Year in Photos 2009 completed – Watch our motion slideshow featuring great photos from the 2008 calendar year
    7. UIS Google Map completed- find your way around campus, watch videos, learn which departments are in each building
    8. Shopping Carts for taking credit cards on your website established
    9. HTML Email Newsletters and Announcements established
    10. Comprehensive web accessibility checks and fixes for all UIS websites on the Web Publishing Server completed
  10. 2008-2009

    1. New home page launched June 24, 2009
    2. Development/deployment of new websites
    3. Year in Photos 2008 We created a motion slide show using some of the best UIS photos from the past year. View it here
    4. Workshops
      See our workshop page for the schedule of upcoming events. Missed our recent workshops? Download the handouts
    5. What’s New at Web Services was the name of our newsletter. Read the last newsletter
    6. Website and multimedia requests
      To help us accommodate your web and multimedia requests, we created a short web-based request form. We ask that you use this form for all your requests. It will allow us to complete requests in the order received and provide the best possible service to you regarding new websites, changes to existing websites, or help with multimedia production. Be sure to bookmark the URL of the form so you can easily access it whenever you need help from Web Services. Feel free to begin using it now for your requests, and let us know if there are changes or additions you would like to see
    7. Web Services received award A case study submitted by the UIS Office of Web Services received a Commendation of Merit in the 2008 SNCR Excellence in New Communications Awards program. The study described challenges and changes in the presentation of news and information on the UIS website
    8. Comprehensive Web accessibility checks and fixes for all UIS websites on the Web Publishing Server completed
  11. 1996-2008

    1. Campus Web Policy approved by Chancellor’s Cabinet
    2. Web publishing system reviewed and implemented
    3. New websites developed and deployed
    4. Legacy websites migrated
    5. Enterprise-wide web infrastructure implemented