Student-Created Sites Addendum

Guidelines for Student-Created Websites that Reside on UIS Web Servers

The University of Illinois Springfield provides access to web servers for campus departments and individuals. Official guidelines governing use of those web servers are available on this website.

This webpage is an addition to that policy and addresses websites created by UIS students that reside on any UIS Web Server.

Because current-day Search Engines are quite powerful, it is possible for any internet user to find any webpage or other file in the results of a web search. We wish to prevent any misunderstandings or misinformation that may occur in the case of personal websites or websites that may have been developed as a prototype or class project, and that are not actual official UIS sites.

The following policies govern student-created websites that reside on any Web server that uses the domain name, including:

  • Students’ Personal Websites on the UIS Student Server
  • Students’ Course-Related Websites on Other Department Servers
  • Student-Created Prototypes of UIS Department or Organization Websites

Guidelines for student-created websites that reside on UIS Web Servers:

  1. Any currently enrolled UIS student may request a personal web account on the UIS Student Server. Call UIS Tech Support at 206-6000 to establish this account.
  2. Some UIS students may be given accounts on other UIS Web servers that are used in conjunction with class projects.
  3. The official UIS Logo or Web Themes may not be used on any student’s personal website. The name of a student website may not include the words “University,” “University of Illinois,” “University of Illinois at Springfield” or any abbreviation thereof (i.e. UIS) which would connote a direct link to the University of Illinois.
  4. If students use web accounts to draft prototypes of UIS websites such as a department or organization website, that draft should be clearly labeled as a prototype. If the draft site is eventually approved as an official campus site, that draft site should be removed from the student web account, and should be moved to an appropriate server.
  5. Photos and other files that are part of an active UIS department website should reside only in an official web account, and may not reside in a student web account.
  6. Students may not create any website that is identified as a UIS Student Organization, without first receiving official approval for the organization from the Student Affairs Division.

This policy was approved by the Campus Web Team on November 14, 2004.