Outside Organizations Addendum

Guidelines regarding outside organizations and space on a primary UIS Web server

The University of Illinois Springfield recognizes that our faculty and staff have opportunities to assume leadership and service roles with professional, academic, nonprofit organizations.

A faculty or academic staff member with a leadership role in a recognized professional, academic, non-profit organization related to his or her discipline or professional responsibilities may request that UIS host that organization’s website.

Such requests will be subject to the following policies:

  • The faculty/staff member may request web server space that, upon approval by the dean or division head and the Web Liaison, will be listed at the following URL:
    https://www.uis.edu/Hosted-Orgs/(name of organization).
  • Approval will be based upon an evaluation of whether the organization meets the standard of a recognized professional, academic, nonprofit organization related to the faculty or academic staff member’s discipline or professional responsibilities.
  • Download a sample request to establish an outside organization website on a UIS Web server. (DOC)
  • The organization will take full responsibility for creating and maintaining the website. Only a UIS faculty, staff member, or student with a UIS NetID may publish to the website.
  • The organization will be required to sign an Agreement stating that the organization will assume liability for the site; will indemnify the University for any and all claims arising from its operation; will abide by all University and campus policies, as well as all state and federal laws; will limit the University’s liability by agreeing that the University will not be responsible for any level of hosting service, but, rather will provide hosting service on an “as is” basis; and will provide that either party in its sole discretion may terminate this Agreement upon ninety (90) days prior notice.
  • The organization may request a particular website name, but final determination will be made by UIS Information Technology Services.
  • The name and link for the organization will be added to the Campus Index on the UIS Website.
  • The organization will be allotted the same amount of web space as campus department websites – up to 50 MB. This amount is determined by the UIS Information Technology Services department. The campus reserves the right to charge a fee for hosting outside organization websites.
  • At the point when a UIS faculty or staff member leaves the University, or no longer serves in an official capacity with the organization, the organization website must be moved (within 3 months) to another (off-UIS) server location. Three months after the UIS affiliation is ended, the hosted website (if not yet moved) will be removed from the UIS server.
  • All University of Illinois and UIS policies pertaining to appropriate use of information technology apply to these websites, including provisions related to prohibitions on commercial advertising, banner ads, and UI endorsements on University servers. See more on the Information Technology Services website.
  • The organization will be required to comply with the University of Illinois Web Privacy Policy.
  • Related information:

This policy was approved by the Campus Web Team on December 1, 2003.