The Complete Web Policy

This is the official policy governing websites and web pages that reside on primary UIS Web servers.


The purpose of this website is to establish UIS procedures and guidelines for operating and maintaining a high quality, marketing and service oriented World Wide Web presence, including a coordinated presentation of accurate and important information directed to a wide variety of constituents.

Along with a coordinated presentation, UIS is committed to the support and encouragement of freedom of expression among campus units in development of UIS webpages. This UIS Web Policy describes the use of campus websites in accordance with state and federal laws, and campus and university policies.

General Policy

The UIS Office of Web Services is responsible for managing and maintaining the UIS World Wide Web presence, in conjunction with the UIS Information Technology Services department and the Campus Web Team, composed of Web Liaisons from campus divisions.

The UIS Office of Web Services is responsible for advising the Chancellor’s Cabinet on changes to guidelines and procedures, and for submitting significant issues for Cabinet consideration prior to implementation.


The following definitions are used for the purposes of this policy only:

Campus Web Team: The Division Web Liaisons, the UIS Website Developer, the UIS Web Server Administrator, and a representative from the Campus Relations department compose the Campus Web Team, and govern all matters related to the primary UIS website.

Official UIS Unit Websites and Webpages: These websites and webpages include any academic program or administrative support unit website or any other webpage designated by the Campus Web Team or the Office of Web Services as important to the marketing, service, and informational goals as expressed in the Purpose of this policy. These pages include any website and/or page that links directly off the UIS Homepage, and many sites and/or pages that link at subsequent levels.

An Authorized User: A person who has received a designation as a Web Liaison, a Website Editor, a Website Author, a Web Server Administrator, or the holder of a Personal Web Account.

A Web Liaison: A person designated by the Vice Chancellor of each UIS division to oversee campus websites originating from their division. Each division appoints one or more Web Liaisons – a dean, department head, or other full time employee, who is responsible for assuring the accuracy of information on that division’s unit websites and for overall management of websites in his or her division. Web Liaisons will delegate responsibilities related to unit web accounts to website Editors and website Authors.

A Website Editor: A person who has been given technical “permission” to access a UIS Web server and upload or download items from a unit web account, as directed by the Web Liaison for his or her division. This person may or may not also be the Website Editor. Based on UIS Information Technology Services department policies, only full-time UIS staff or faculty members may serve as an Editor for an official unit Website.

A Website Author: A person who has been assigned the task of creating a campus department website, or who is creating a Personal Web Account on a UIS Web Server. In the case of official unit websites, this person may not have technical “permission” to access a UIS Web server and upload or download items from a unit web account. This person must “Send for Review” any pages he or she has created to an authorized Editor who will publish or update the changes made to the websites.

UIS Web Server Administrator: A person responsible for technical maintenance of the primary UIS Web Server, and other Web servers, including – in conjunction with UIS Web Services – providing for UIS Website Editors to have “permission” or access to a UIS Unit or Personal Web Account.

UIS Website Developer: A person responsible for creating and maintaining the campus home page and all top level pages on the campus website. This person works with the Campus Web Team to coordinate all matters related to governance of all levels of the primary campus website.

A Web Server: A UIS computer that contains necessary software to link the accounts contained therein to the UIS World Wide Web presence, i.e., any website with a URL ending in “” Websites with URLs that do not end in “” but that reside on UIS Web servers, are subject to the official UIS Web Policy.

A Unit Web Account: A directory on a UIS Web Server that has been provided for official and other UIS Unit Webpages.

A Personal Web Account: A directory on a UIS Web Server that has been provided for personal use by UIS staff, faculty, and students.

A Unit: A UIS academic or administrative program or campus unit, including any grant-funded or outreach program.

UIS Web Servers

See the Information Technology Services Website for specific information about web and other servers operated by the ITS department on the UIS campus.

See the UIS Office of Web Services for specific information about projects and tools for campus web development.

Lists of servers and campus web personnel are maintained by the above units and are known as Addendums A and B for purposes of this document.

Procedures for Establishing and Maintaining an Official UIS Unit Website and/or a Personal Web Account

Please see Addendum C, the official procedures as governed by the Chancellor’s Cabinet, the Office of Web Services, and the Information Technology Services department.

The UIS Office of Web Services, in conjunction with the Information Technology Services department, maintains a complete and up-to-date list of all official unit Web Editors and Authors.

Acceptable Use Policies

Employee and student access to unit and personal web accounts is a privilege, not a right. Individuals who violate policies and procedures contained in this document may have their web account privileges suspended or terminated. See Addendum C.

Guidelines for Official UIS Websites

Please see Addendum D, the official guidelines as governed by the Campus Web Team.

Web Software Development Tools

Please see Addendum E, information specific to software and hardware used in the creation and maintenance of websites that reside on UIS Web servers.


Document History: The UIS Web Policy was initially created by Sherry Hutson, UIS Website Developer, leading a sub-committee of the Campus Web Team. The policy was approved by the Chancellor’s Cabinet in summer 2002. The policy is continually reviewed and updated as necessary.