UIS Connection Resource Page

This page serves as a resource/help page for using UIS Connection.

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Quick Sheets

You can view the following .pdf files for quick visual explanations of how to do key functions in UISConnection.

Signing in and finding an organization (.pdf)

Registering a student organization (.pdf)

Using UISConnection to track attendance at an event (.pdf)

UIS Connection Built-in Help Feature

You can use the help feature built into the system to answer most questions that may come up while using the program. Here’s how to access it:

  • Click on your name in the upper right
  • Select “Help” from the drop down menu
  • A dialog box with instructions on how to use the help features will appear


Organization Membership Defaults

Your membership in a student organization, club sport or standing organization (L4L, RHA, STARS, Necc. Steps) is visible to other logged in users (but not the general public) by default. However a membership associated with your on campus residence is defaulted to hidden. You can choose for your membership in an organization to be viewable or hidden to others.

  • Click on your name in the upper right
  • Select “Settings” from the drop down menu
  • Select Privacy Settings
  • Select Organization Roster Settings


Controlling what notifications you receive

You can control what types of notifications you get from UIS Connection and how. You can choose to receive them as notifications within UISConnection, you can have them sent to your email, and you can have them sent to you via text.

  • Click on your name in the upper right
  • Select “Settings” from the drop down menu
  • Select Notifications

Turning on/off Text Notifications

UIS Connection can text you notifications. By default this feature is turned off.

  • Click on your name in the upper right
  • Select “Settings” from the drop down menu
  • Select Notifications
  • Scroll down to the Text Message Notifications section and fill in your information

Terms to Know

Hosting Organization: You will need to know what type of organization you are representing when you are creating events. The options you have are as follows:

  • Registered Student Organization – Student led group (for the forms purposes also includes standing organizations such as SGA, SAC, SOFA, Greek Life, SAAC)
  • Residence Life – RAs, RHA, & Community Council
  • Campus Department – only for department sponsored events
  • Athletics – only for Coaches and Athletics Dept. Staff

“As Is”: This means that you will need nothing from any other department, no tables, no equipment, for RSOs no food. Spaces that can be reserved “as-is” generally include Classrooms, PAC E, PAC F, Brookens Auditorium, LRH Seminar Room, SAB 10, SAB20, SAB 60, Stars Lounge (only if you need no additional tables or chairs) & Outdoor spaces (again if you need no tables, chairs or equipment). Not advised to select “as-is” for SLB MPR, SLB Gym, other PAC Conference Rooms, LRH Great Room, etc. as these may be set up differently many times during the day. If you want the space cleared, you should select that you want it cleared on the set-up page. Do NOT assume that “as-is” means empty, or how you normally have seen it.

Highest Attendance at one time – the highest number of people you expect to be at the event at a single moment. For example, while you might expect 100 people to purchase from your bake sale, it’s highly unlikely 100 people will be there at once.

Alternate Indoor Space – This means if the location you typed at the beginning of this form isn’t available, what is your next choice. You can choose up to 3. Do NOT select the space you already said you wanted on the first page of this form.

Events Creation FAQ’s

Where is the Create Event button? – You must be logged in and on the page for the organization you wish to great an event for, in the grey tabs (not the black ones at the top) you need to select “events”

I still don’t see the “Create Event” button – Not every member of a group has permission to create events. You probably do not have Full Events access for that page. Contact your president and/or primary contact (who set the page up) and work with them to obtain the permissions.

Comments and questions on the event after its been submitted – Depending on your settings, you with get email notifications, system notifications, or nothing about any comments or follow up questions regarding your event. It is not advised to have all notifications turned off.

Responding to Comments and Questions on your event – please do this within the system so that all the information stays together for all the reviewers to be able to see. This will help avoid confusion and miscommunication.

Request Status – You can check the status of anything you submit (registration, forms, events) by going to your personal profile, under Involvement/Submissions/Events.

  • Started – you have not submitted this request yet, please complete it
  • Unapproved – you have submitted this request, but it has not been approved yet
  • Denied – This request has been denied
  • Approved – This request has been approved and you can find it on your organization’s page under the events tab now.

Changing Event Details – You will need to go into the event, and click the “Change Details” button, this will put your event back in Unapproved status until the changes have been approved.

Changing Event Dates – If you are changing the date, please comment in the discussion section what date is being replaced so that we can remove the original date from scheduling software.

Cancelling Event – You can cancel the event by clicking “Cancel Event” Please also email SOC@uis.edu so that we can remove your event from the Webtool Calendar