brandingMeet the challenge of life by starting right here. This resource brochure has all the services available for the public in Springfield.

Right here at UIS, we have a Counseling Services office in Human Resource Building, HRB 64, 217-206-7122 or visit their website at: Counseling services are free of charge to UIS students that have paid the Health and Counseling Fee. Exclusively online students will be charged the equivalent of the Health and Counseling Fee for each semester that they receive counseling services.  Contact the Counseling Center for details.

Next, do a Google search for food pantries, social services, or housing assistance that is in your neighborhood. Alderman, city hall, or village hall offices usually offer a list of social services that are right around the corner from you.  Make sure that your Google search includes a visit to the Illinois Department of Human Services where help with a variety of life issues can be found.

Resources are also available within the Springfield Community.  This resource brochure has all the services available for the public in Springfield.  Springfield Assistance Resource Book (PDF)


Four campus-based organizations – the College and University Food Bank Alliance, the National Student Campaign Against Hunger and Homelessness, the Student Government Resource Center, and the Student Public Interest Research Groups – surveyed college students on food insecurity between March and May 2016. The study sample includes 3,765 students in 12 states attending eight community colleges and 26 four-year colleges and universities. The sample was assembled using in-person recruitment, and represents about 0.5% of the students attending those 34 institutions.

College and University Food Bank Alliance –