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We know that it is difficult to perform in the classroom if you have unmet needs outside of the classroom. “UIS Cares” is the overarching name for a series of services offered by Student Affairs intended to support the foundational needs of students. Currently, there are three UIS Cares Services, The UIS Cares Micro-pantry, the UIS Cares Food Pantry, and the UIS Cares School Supply Shop.



UIS Cares Micro-Pantry

In response to COVID-19, the Volunteer & Civic Engagement Center established the UIS Cares Micro-pantry offering dry and canned foods.  The micro-pantry is located in the west entrance of the Student Union and is open 24/7.  Please wear a mask and wash your hands before and after handling food items to keep them safe for the next shopper.  Refrigerated items and fresh fruits and vegetables may be requested in advance by using this Pre-order form.

brandingUIS Cares Food Pantry

During Fall Semester 2020, the Food Pantry is only open for pre-order pick-ups.  (See link above for the order form)

The UIS Cares food pantry is dedicated to making sure that every UIS student has access to food. Reducing students’ food insecurity is fundamental to supporting academic success. Find information on how you can donate and more.

UIS Cares School Supply Shop

The UIS Student Union is home to the School Supply Shop, where students can get paper, notepads, pens, pencils and other schools supplies for free. The supply shop is located behind the welcome desk, near the Union’s west entrance. For hours of operation, information on how to donate and more, visit the UIS Cares Supply Shop page on the UIS Student Union’s website.

Shelves with food selections in the UIS Cares Food Pant

To make an appointment: Email: UISCares@uis.edu

Or call 217-206-7716

Location: Student Affairs Building, SAB 60 A










Food pantry started to help hungry UIS students1
University of Illinois Springfield graduate student Malayzja Anderson knows that students like her are at times compelled to stretch their money and food in resourceful ways. Food insecurity in particular is common among students, Anderson has found. She’s addressing that issue by helping to stock donated, nonperishable food items for the university’s new UIS Cares, an initiative that provides a food pantry for students. Read the full article at Food pantry started to help hungry students

Efforts Benefit Food Pantries article