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The University of Illinois Springfield Visual Arts Gallery is pleased to present “Untied,” an experimental exhibition and performance series that takes shape through the gradual contributions of five artists over a ten-week period. The exhibition is structured to reach both a physical and remote audience. “Untied,” will open on Thursday August 27 and runs through Friday, October 30th. There will be no public reception for this exhibition.

In consideration of social limitations and public health concerns presented by COVID-19, as well as a collective cultural call to questions, undermine, and upend longstanding intuitional frameworks, “Untied,” works to give shape to an exhibition that is experimental in nature and that encourages uncertainty and builds upon it, in pursuit of intentionally unclear outcomes.

Anything that is untied is freed, loosened, or unfastened from something that was restricting it. This frames and exhibition in which recognizable boundaries are intentionally abandoned, and in which artists can pursue any direction with or without consideration to what comes before or after their contribution.

The exhibition launches with a single artist – but as additional artists arrive to contribute to the project with artworks and perfromances, the exhibition will undergo radical changes. Exhibiting artists will be free to determine how to wrk with, react to, or reconfigure what is already in place at the gallery, and the exhibition will build and transition as artists navigate what has come before them. Individual intentions will surrender to a collective outcome that remains to be seen.

Participating artists include A.J. McClenon, alejandro t. acierto, Katherine Simóne Reynolds, Marina Peng, and Ruby T. “Untied,” is curated by Allison Lacher and Jeff Robinson. The exhibition can be experienced on-site and through documentation made available at the exhibition website The site will be updated as the exhibition progresses.

This program is partially supported by a grant from the Illinois Arts Council Agency.


Location: Health and Sciences Building 
(HSB) 201
Open: Aug. 27 – Nov. 19
Hours: Monday – Wednesday 12:00 PM – 5:00 PM *masks are required on UIS campus
Phone: (217) 206-6506