The Bachelor’s Degree


All Visual Arts students are assigned an academic advisor upon declaration of the Visual Arts major. It is recommended that students meet with their assigned academic advisor and submit examples of their artwork for informal critique within their first term.  Academic advisors work with students to ascertain career goals, to assess preparation and deficiencies, and to make a plan of study. Students are urged to consult their faculty advisor before registering each semester, particularly before registering for the last semester of classes. These meetings outline requirements for graduation and ensure the student has planned his/her schedule to take all necessary courses in order to graduate on time. Failure to meet with an academic advisor and to take requirements when they are available could lead to a delay of one semester or more in graduation.

Grading Policy

Students must earn a grade of C (2.0) or better in all ART courses that apply toward the major or minor (grades of C- or lower will not be accepted). A grade of C (2.0) or better must also be earned in all prerequisite courses.  Courses taken on a CR/NC basis will not count toward the Visual Arts major or minor requirements. 

Degree Requirements

Requirements for the UIS B.A. degree in Visual Arts are as follows:

Prerequisite Courses – Must be completed before enrolling in any upper division Visual Arts courses.
ART 102 Two Dimensional Design 3
ART 112 Three Dimensional Design 3
ART 113 Drawing 1 3
Introductory level studio course (ART 203, ART 211, ART 215, ART 236, or ART 251) 3
ART 261
ART 262
History of Art I
and History of Art II
Course Requirements
Upper-division Art History courses (ART 300- or 400-level) * See course list below. 12
Upper-division Studio Art courses (ART 300- or 400-level) **See course list below. 24
ART 482 and ECCE requirements – ART 482 ECCE: Professional Skills is a required course for the major and fulfills three hours of the required 10 hours of ECCE: Engaged Citizenship Common Experience 10
Total Hours 64

Students should consult with their academic advisor for specific guidance regarding completion of general education requirements. An Advanced Placement (AP) score of three or higher in the Drawing, Two-Dimensional Design, and Three-Dimensional Design examinations can be used to fulfill the prerequisite courses ART 113 Drawing 1, ART 102 Two Dimensional Design, and ART 112 Three Dimensional Design

Upper Division Art History Courses*

Art Majors – Select three of the following upper division art history courses – Total of 12 hours
ART 365 ECCE: Women and Art in America 4
ART 366 ECCE: European Cinema 4
ART 419 Egyptology 4
ART 431 ECCE: Symbolist Movement in Europe: 1850 – 1920 4
ART 432 ECCE: Expatriate Paris 4
ART 463 Modern Art History 4
ART 464 Contemporary Art History 4
ART 465 Women in Art: Discovering Her Story 4
ART 468 Visual Literacy 4
ART 470 Special Art History Studies 4
ART 471 Philosophy of Art 2,4

Upper Division Studio Art Courses**

Art Majors – Select six of the following upper division art studio courses – Total of 24 hours
ART 306 Photography II 4
ART 312 Painting II 4
ART 321 Life Drawing 4
ART 332 Etching 4
ART 333 Screen Printing 4
ART 337 Digital Media: Print 4
ART 338 Digital Media: Web 4
ART 339 Digital Media: Animation 4
ART 341 Sculpture I 4
ART 342 Sculpture II 4
ART 352 Ceramics II 4
ART 372 Visual Storytelling and Reporting 4
ART 410 Special Studies In Ceramics 4
ART 411 Painting III 4
ART 412 Painting IV 4
ART 413 Printmaking II 4
ART 414 Printmaking III 4
ART 420 Special Studies In Sculpture 4
ART 422 Contemporary Drawing 4
ART 437 Digital Media: Typography 4
ART 441 Sculpture III 4
ART 442 Sculpture IV – Contemporary 4
ART 451 Ceramics III 4
ART 452 Ceramics IV 4
ART 455 Multi-Media Studio 4
ART 473 Advanced Visual Field Reporting 4
ART 480 Special Studio Studies 4

Degree Plan*

*Listed below is a SUGGESTED Degree Plan.  For OFFICIAL program information, please refer to the catalog content above and consult your academic advisor.

Year 1
Fall   Hours
ENG 1012 Rhetoric and College Writing 3
Freshman Seminar (Humanities or SS)2,5 3
Math Skills2 3
ART 1021, 2 Two Dimensional Design 3
  Hours 12
ENG 1022 College Writing and Civic Engagement 3
Comparative Societies (Humanities or SS)2 3
Social/Behavioral Science course2 3
COM 1122 Oral Communication 3
ART 1121, 2 Three Dimensional Design 3
  Hours 15
Year 2
Life Science (Students must complete 1 lab science in either life or physical science science)2 4
Social/Behavioral Science course2 3
Applied Math2 3
Elective or minor course 3
ART 2611 History of Art I 3
  Hours 16
Physical Science (Students must complete 1 lab science course in either life or physical science)2 3
ART 1131 Drawing 1 3
ART 2621 History of Art II 3
Introductory Level Art Studio Course1,6 3
UNI 3013 ECCE: Speakers Series 1
Elective or minor course 3
  Hours 16
Year 3
Elective or minor course 4
Upper-division Art History Course4 4
Upper-division Studio Course4 4
ECCE U.S. Communities or Global Awareness3 3
  Hours 15
ECCE U.S. Communities or Global Awareness3 3
Upper-division Studio Course4 4
Upper-division Studio Course4 4
Elective or minor course 4
  Hours 15
Year 4
Upper-division Art History Course4 4
Upper-division Studio Course4 4
Upper-division Studio Course4 4
Elective or minor course 4
  Hours 16
ART 4823 ECCE: Professional Skills 3
Upper-division Studio Course4 4
Upper-division Art History Course4 4
Elective or minor course 4
  Hours 15
  Total Hours: 120

These courses are Lower Division prerequisite course requirements- 18 Hours


This course fulfills General Education requirements


Students must complete ECCEs in at least two of the three ECCE requirements-U.S. Communities, Global Awareness, or Engagement Experience in addition to UNI 301-Speakers Series. ART 482 ECCE: Professional Skills fulfills three hours of Engagement Experience.  Students must be enrolled in at least one studio course during the preceding term to qualify for enrollment in ART 482.


Visual Arts Major course work


If you take a Freshman Seminar that is not a Humanities or SS, work with your advisor to adjust this plan to account for all General Education requirements


ART 203, ART 211, ART 215, ART 236, or ART 251