• The hosting individual/unit/department must ensure all guests understand and are willing to comply with UIS’ safety guidelines, including wearing a face-covering over the nose and mouth, washing hands frequently and physical distancing. Anyone unwilling to comply with these standards will not be allowed to remain on campus. The hosting individual/unit should have extra masks on hand in the event one is needed.
  • For guests who are on campus for anything more than a brief stop (i.e., food deliveries), the hosting individual/unit/department must log names of guests, dates visited and a phone number in the event contact tracing is necessary; this information must be retained for 30 days and emailed to covid19@uis.edu for the Testing Team to access.
  • If the number of guests exceeds 50, the visit will be considered a “gathering” and must align with UIS Gathering Guidelines. This includes getting clearance by the COVID-19 Rapid Response Team by completing the online Campus Gathering Request Form at least two weeks ahead of time with the date/time/place of the event, anticipated number of participants and planned strategies to adhere to the university’s and state’s guidelines for preventing the spread of COVID-19.
  • Guests do not need to be tested before visiting campus and cannot participate in UIS’ saliva testing.
  • Guests should be free of symptoms indicative of COVID-19.
  • Non-university guests may continue to use campus outdoor spaces for walking, running, etc., but must follow all on-campus safety guidelines, which are displayed throughout campus. Outside sports organizations with existing licensing agreements with the university must adhere to the appropriate state guidelines.

Guest Guidelines—Residence Life

  • Outside guests (individuals who do not reside on-campus or within an individual’s assigned residential community) are not permitted in residential spaces.
  • Visitors (individuals who reside within the same assigned residential community) are allowed; one visitor is allowed per bed space at the same time. This means there may not be more than 8 individuals in a townhome or apartment at the same time, and there may not be more than 4 individuals in a residence hall room at the same time.
  • “Residential community” is considered an individual’s assigned residence hall or the apartments and townhomes. The four Residential Communities on campus are:
    • Lincoln Residence Hall
    • Founders Residence Hall
    • East Apartments (includes anyone from Bluebell, Larkspur, Clover or Sunflower courts)
    • West Townhouses (includes anyone from Pennyroyal, Marigold, Foxglove or Trillium Courts)
  • When visitors are present, physical distancing should be maintained and face coverings must be worn over the nose and mouth by both visitors and occupants of that room/unit.

Guest Guidelines—Office of Admission

  • Small groups of prospective students are invited to visit UIS for a Campus Visit, which includes a 30-minute presentation and one-hour walking campus tour (mostly outdoors). Each prospective student may register two guests to attend with them, for a total of nine guests per visit/tour.
  • Most buildings are closed to tours, including residential spaces. However, guests can virtually tour residential living spaces.
  • Guests are required to wear a face covering over their mouth and nose and to follow appropriate physical distancing protocols.
  • Family members may stay together as a group, but should maintain six feet of distance from another family unit, guest or university member.
  • Guests will be encouraged to wash/sanitize their hands throughout their campus visit.
  • Anyone experiencing COVID-19 symptoms should not visit campus. Contact the Office of Admission to reschedule (Admissions@uis.edu).

Guest Guidelines—Construction, Maintenance and Service Contractors

  • Before starting work on campus, all construction, maintenance and service contractors are obligated under contract to comply with all safety and Restore Illinois guidelines.
  • Contractors are provided specific information on UIS’ COVID-19 safety guidelines, including those regarding the wear of a face covering over the nose and mouth, washing hands frequently and physical distancing. Anyone unwilling to comply with these standards will not be allowed to remain on campus.
  • To limit contact between UIS students and employees, contractors are directed to limit their interaction with university students and employees when traveling to and from the work site and to remain in the project work area or service site to the maximum amount practical.
  • In conjunction with the construction company/vendor, a log of employee names, contact information and dates worked on campus must be maintained and retained in the event contact tracing is necessary.
  • The university’s project manager and company’s site superintendent must have extra masks on hand in the event one is needed.
  • Construction, maintenance and service contractors are encouraged to minimize the use of shared tools and equipment.

Guest Guidelines—Employment Applicants & HR Visitors

  • Only two guests are allowed in the Human Resources lobby at a time; if a guest enters the lobby and finds two people already inside, they should return to the hallway and wait until one exits the lobby.
  • Civil Service testers are to wear masks at all times while in the Human Resources Building; they should wait on the blue-marked Xs in the hallway of HRB outside of the Human Resources lobby to adhere to social distancing. A testing administrator will collect testers at the start of the exam. Civil Service testers must wear masks (covering mouth and nose) throughout the duration of the exam.
  • Extra masks are provided inside the Human Resources lobby for Civil Service testers and other non-university guests to wear should they not have their own.

Guest Guidelines—Athletics Spectators

  • UIS Athletics is working under guidelines as administered by the Great Lakes Valley Conference.

Guest Guidelines—Academic Programming

  • Guests associated with academic programing (courses, speaker series) should engage with UIS faculty and students virtually.
  • Few exceptions, if any, will be granted and must be approved by the provost, via the appropriate dean.