I. Definitions

University guest: Defined as an individual not directly associated with the university (actively employed or an active student) who is visiting the UIS campus or any off-site UIS facility. There are two levels of guest interaction this policy provides guidance for:

  • Short-term guests: Defined as individuals who interact with the UIS community on a brief, non-reoccurring or event-based basis. This includes attendees for performances, speaker events and athletic competitions.
  • Long-term guests: Defined as individuals who will be interacting with the UIS community on an ongoing or regular basis. This includes individuals who are assigned to work on the UIS campus and/or who are interacting with UIS students, faculty and staff in a regular volunteer capacity (coaching, participating in theatre/music ensembles, etc.)

Residence Life guests: The Department of Residence Life has specific guidelines for residential students.

Facilities & Services Consultants/Contractors: The UIS Facilities and Services unit has specific guidelines for consultants, contractors or employees of consultants and contractors assigned to work on UIS property for more than 15 minutes at least once per week.

Fully vaccinated: Defined as being two weeks (14 days) past receiving the final dose of a one- or two-dose FDA- or WHO-approved vaccine regimen.

II. Policy Overview

Long-term guests must follow the vaccination policy for UIS employees

When Sangamon County is experiencing substantial or high community transmission of COVID-19, all short-term guests to UIS must wear a face covering and keep a six-foot distance from others, either as individuals if visiting alone or as family units if visiting campus as a group. Sangamon Auditorium must operate at a capacity approved by the CRRT and Chancellor’s Cabinet and require (1) face coverings and vaccines or (2) face coverings and proof of negative PCR test within 48 hours unless otherwise directed.

When Sangamon County is experiencing moderate or low community transmission of COVID-19, the following scenarios are allowable:

  • Events where all guests are fully vaccinated: Face coverings are optional, and no distancing is required.
  • Events where vaccination status of all guests is unknown or mixed: All guests must wear a face covering and keep a six-foot distance from others, either as individuals if visiting alone or as family units if visiting campus as a group.

Guests should be free of symptoms indicative of COVID-19.

III. Guidelines for Host Units

When it’s determined to be in the best interest of the University to have guests present on campus, the hosting individual/unit/department must ensure all guests understand and are willing to comply with UIS’ safety guidelines. Anyone unwilling to comply with these standards will not be allowed to remain on campus.

For events involving 100 or more individuals or if maintain the required distancing isn’t feasible (for any size event), the hosting unit must complete a UIS Gathering Request Form for submission to the CRRT at least two weeks prior to the event.

Hosting units may reach out to the UIS COVID-19 Rapid Response Team (covid19@uis.edu) to seek permission for special protocols if such protocols exceed this policy.

Refer to the Fall 2021 Approach to Safety guidelines regarding guidelines for serving food. 

IV. Space Rentals & Events

Areas of campus that are rented to guests may be rented in alignment with current physical distancing and face-covering requirements, as set forth by the University in this policy.         

When feasible, a guest registry of all persons participating should be created and available to the University in the event contact tracing is necessary.

Outside sports organizations with existing licensing agreements with the University should continue to adhere to the appropriate state and University guidelines.