About The UIS 1000

The UIS 1000 describes many ways that UIS faculty, staff and students are engaged in the community. It’s a list in progress; that’s why a thousand ways are not listed yet. More are added regularly. Combined, all of these examples have become an informal yet powerful coalition at a university that has a long tradition of collaboration and training public servants and leaders in the public, nonprofit and private sectors. This list is maintained by the Associate Chancellor for Constituent Relations.

You may not know who to contact at UIS if you’re interested in a particular topic, in student volunteers, or a member of the UIS community who might help you conduct research or provide some training. UIS cannot be all things to all people, but it is a potent community resource.

This website celebrates UIS’s community connections and should help you find services and academic programs available to you.

With aspirations to be a premier regional university, this site focuses on but is not limited to connections in central Illinois – where we have a special responsibility to be of service. We like to think we are a good steward of the region that has entrusted so much to us.

After all, UIS is a place where leadership is lived daily.