259 9 things the nonprofit sector can do

  1. Ask citizens to support specific events or programs, get their help as board members, or simply ask for their advice. 41% of “unengaged” citizens have not been asked.
  2. Structure volunteering opportunities to help people help – small projects, limited time commitments, and giving specific instructions on what to do.
  3. Utilize untapped potential by casting a wider net.
  4. Use talk radio as a way to spread the word about the work of your nonprofit.
  5. Invite a religious leader to serve on your board or to give advice on a project.
  6. Encourage and recognize employee volunteer involvement and leadership.
  7. Use your office as a place for meetings of community groups.
  8. Educate your employees and constituents about public policy issues because citizens get involved in issues they care about.
  9. Find ways to involve youth, who are not as involved as other groups. Listen to them. Provide training, mentoring, and skills building.

Posted on June 10, 2014