253 8 reasons people don’t get more involved

  1. Time pressure due to family (59%) and job (58%) responsibilities.
  2. They were not asked to be involved (32%), or they do not feel a part of the community (13%).
  3. They do not know enough about the issues (26%), or they do not know how to get involved (23%).
  4. They feel they are already involved and cannot be more involved (22%).
  5. Rational calculation: They think it is not worth their time and trou¬ble, that nothing will come of their involvement (12%), that people want too much of their time (32%), or they don’t like to join groups (17%).
  6. Lack of resources: They believe they don’t have the skills (13%) or money it takes (18%) to be involved.
  7. Poor health (17%) or lack of transportation (9%).
  8. They do not like the people who are involved (8%), or no groups exist that deal with issues of interest to them (14%).

From Profile of Illinois: An Engaged State, the final report of the Illinois Civic Engagement Project, University of Illinois Springfield and United Way of Illinois, 2001. It was based on the first statewide survey of civic engagement in Illinois. For 68 recommendations (PDF) on how to get people more involved, see the complete report. Or see http://civic.uis.edu.

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Posted on June 10, 2014