Training and Prevention

Annual Sexual Misconduct Awareness and Prevention Training for UIS Students

Annual Gender and sex discrimination and Sexual Violence primary prevention and awareness training for all students who attend one or more classes on the Springfield or Peoria campuses includes the following components:

  • An overview of UIS’s comprehensive policy to prevent and respond to Sexual Misconduct
  • The identity of the UIS Title IX Coordinator, including confirmation of requisite skills and training
  • An overview of applicable federal, state, and local laws (including Title IX)
  • UIS’s definitions of Consent, inability to Consent, and Retaliation as they relate to Sexual Misconduct
  • Practices for identifying, preventing and addressing Sexual Misconduct
  • Procedures for reporting of alleged or suspected Sexual Misconduct to UIS, the UIS Police, and local law enforcement
  • Confidential Advisors or other available confidential resources
  • Available survivor services
  • The procedures that are used to investigate and resolve complaints and reports
  • Strategies for bystander intervention and risk reduction
  • The types of sanctions or other corrective actions potentially available to address violations of this policy

All applicable education and training requirements under Campus SaVE and VAWA enactments

Additional educational programming is presented by the Title IX Coordinator, the Women’s Center, and the Counseling Center, to new, returning, transfer and international students during orientation; to Greek Affairs organizations; to Resident Advisors; to Student Affairs administrators and professionals; and on request or selection.

Annual Sexual Misconduct Awareness and Prevention Training for UIS Employees

All Employees are required to complete annual primary prevention and awareness training as outlined in the above bulleted components. In addition, Campus Security Employees are provided annual training. The Title IX Coordinator completes additional training as required by law and UIS policy.