FAQs – Students’ University Options

Can I get help without giving names or other details?
Yes. You do not have to provide details about the incident or participate in an investigation conducted by the Title IX Coordinator to receive support services or request supportive measures.

Is there a way to get help avoiding the other person or persons on campus?
There are options on which the Title IX Coordinator will work to assist you, with assistance from Campus Police and the Dean of Students. If you live in the same residence hall, apartment, or townhouse complex as the alleged offender and would like to discuss alternative housing accommodations, the Title IX Coordinator will assist you, working with the Director of Residence Life and the Dean of Students.

What if we’re in the same class?
If you are in the same class as the person about whom you have a concern involving sexual misconduct, the Title IX Coordinator can assist you, working with the Dean of Students, your course instructors, and Records and Registration on class schedules, deadline extensions, or petitions for withdrawal from a class without a penalty.

What if it happened off-campus?
The UIS Title IX Coordinator will work with other administrators to assist students who have experienced sexual misconduct on or off-campus, including while participating in an off-campus University-related program. If the alleged offender was another UIS student, that student is still subject to the UIS Sexual Misconduct Policy for conduct occurring on or off-campus. We encourage students to report all incidents of sexual misconduct involving other UIS students or employees, including faculty members, whether they occur on or off-campus, including in study abroad or other off-campus UIS-affiliated programs.

Do I have to press charges or file a police report or student conduct report?
If you are over the age of 18, you have the right to choose if you want to press criminal charges. You have the right to choose not to participate in the University’s investigation or provide any additional information. If the survivor chooses not to provide information or participate in the University’s investigation, this may limit UIS’s ability to fully respond to the incident. In most cases, it is unlikely that the investigation can continue. However, if the Title IX Coordinator determines that the safety of the campus community requires a full investigation of the incident, then the University may proceed without the cooperation of the survivor in order to protect the safety of the campus community. If this is the case, UIS will inform the survivor of this decision.