FAQs for Employees

Am I a Responsible Employee?
All University employees, including all faculty members, maintenance employees, food service employees, and all other employees, including Residence Life Assistants are Responsible Employees. Other undergraduate and graduate student employees are not Responsible Employees.

What Is required of a Responsible Employee?
Responsible employees must immediately report allegations or disclosures of sexual violence/sexual misconduct involving students to the Title IX Coordinator. As a Responsible Employee, you have a duty to report in detail all incidents of sexual violence, sexual harassment, or other sexual misconduct to the Title IX Coordinator or other appropriate University official, who must report the incident to the Title IX Coordinator. As a Responsible Employee, it is understood that students may reasonably believe you have the authority or duty to receive and report their concerns.

What do I do if a student begins to report an incident of sexual misconduct to me?
You should immediately inform the student of your reporting obligations as a Responsible Employee, and inform them of their right to first seek confidential counseling from the UIS Counseling Center or one of the off-campus confidential advocacy resources (the Prairie Center Against Sexual Assault or Sojourn Shelter and Services for Domestic Violence or Dating Violence) if they wish to keep the information private or confidential. You should also encourage them to consider reporting the incident to the UIS Title IX Coordinator for assistance.

Am I protected from sexual misconduct by Title IX?
UIS prohibits sexual misconduct and sexual harassment against employees as well students, and Title IX, although focused on student-to-student conduct in its application, also prohibits alleged sexual misconduct against employees in certain circumstances. Employees are also protected from discrimination on the basis of gender under Title VII and related University policies. UIS values the safety and well-being of its employees; please contact the UIS Title IX Coordinator for assistance and support.