Brighton Beach Memoirs

by Neal SimonBrighton Beach Memoirs

Directed by Missy Thibodeaux-Thompson

Play Description

3 M, 4 W

Neil Simon’s first play in the “Eugene” trilogy won the New York Drama Critics’ Circle Award for Best Play in 1983, and was a nominee for the Drama Desk Award for Outstanding New Play. The original Broadway production earned Tony awards and nominations for actors and direction. “Meet Eugene Jerome and his family, fighting the hard times and sometimes each other—with laughter, tears, and love. It is 1937 in Brooklyn during the heart of the Depression. Fifteen-year-old Eugene Jerome lives in Brighton Beach with his family. He is witty, perceptive, obsessed with sex, and forever fantasizing his baseball-diamond triumphs as star pitcher for the New York Yankees. As our guide through his “memoirs,” Eugene takes us through a series of trenchant observations and insights that show his family meeting life’s challenges with pride, spirit, and a marvelous sense of humor. But as World War II looms ever closer, Eugene sees his own innocence slipping away as the first important era of his life ends—and a new one begins.” – GoodReads

COMPANY LIST for Brighton Beach Memoirs

★ = UIS student, (f) = faculty, (s) = staff, (c) = community

Production Team:

Director: Missy Thibodeaux-Thompson (f)

Scene Designer/Technical Director: Dathan Powell (f)

Lighting Designer: Kevin Zepp (s)

Costume Designer: Debi Iams (c)

Stage Manager: Angelina Russo ★

Assistant Stage Manager: Christy Craig ★

Assistant Stage Manager: Janaye Godawa ★

Props Master: Ang Wetmore ★

Props Assistant/Sound Board Operator: Meghan Milewski ★

Set Construction/Run Crew: Kevin Montano ★

Master Electrician/Light Board Operator: David Hecht ★

Dramaturg: Deirdre Coughlin (c)

Sound Research/Design: Chip Deiss ★

Costume Assistant: Rebekah Lange ★

Costume Run Crew/Dresser: Emteecha Rocha★

Costume Run Crew/Hair & Make-up: Teja Sutton★


Eugene Jerome: Liam Schaver (c)

Blanche: Diamond Dixon ★

Kate Jerome: Liza Torrence ★

Laurie: Emily Hartney ★

Nora: Courtney Kincaid ★

Stanley Jerome: Christopher Romero ★

Jack Jerome: Wesley Skym ★

Understudy for Eugene: Nicholas Jimenez ★