Almost, Maine

Spring 2017

Photo Gallery

On a cold, clear, moonless night in the middle of winter, all is not quite what it seems in the remote, mythical town of Almost, Maine. As the northern lights hover in the star-filled sky above, Amost’s residents find themselves falling in and out of love in unexpected and often hilarious ways. Knees are bruised. Hearts are broken. But the bruises heal, and the hearts mend–almost–in this delightful midwinter night’s dream.

“…a whimsical approach to the joys and perils of romance. Magical happenings bloom beneath the snowdrifts.”–The New York Times

“A charmer…Unexpected magic lingers in the air like someone’s breath on a cold winter’s night. John Mariani aims for the heart by way of the funny bone.”–The Star-Ledger


(Actors are listed in the order of appearance)

(For each actor, characters are in the order in which they are played by the actor)

Ginette, Waitress, Marci: Claire Starling*

Pete, Daniel: Christopher Vemagiri Marbaniang*

Glory: Katie Brethorst*

East, Phil: Michael Krcil+

Jimmy, Chad^: Robert Rickey*

Sandrine, Shelly~, Hope: Alicia Madden*

Marvalyn, Rhonda: Diamond Dixon*

Steve, Lendall, Randy^: Shane Graham*

Dave: Nicholas Jimenez*


Director: Eric Thibodeaux-Thompson~

Scenic Designer and Technical Director: Dathan Powell~

Costume Designer: Carolyn Neitzke/

Wardrobe Master, Running Crew: Patricia Mubirigi*

Props Master: Sabrina Holmes+

Lighting Designer: David Hecht*

Master Carpenter, Deck Lead, Running Crew: Colin Vancrey*

Sound Designer: Neil Juranek*

Stage Manager: Melissa Betty(c)

Assistant Stage Manager: Alicia Wright*

Assistant Stage Manager: Rhiannon (Darcy) Potter*

Dramaturg: Raven Wilson*

Set Construction: Grant Naughton*

Set Construction: Nicholas Jimenez*

Electrics and Props Assistant: Jehan Joshi*

Production Coordinator: Adella Nguyen*

Production Documentarian: Chip Deiss*

( * = Current UIS Students) (+ = Current UIS Staff Members)

(~ = Current UIS Faculty Members) (/ = Retired UIS Staff Members) (c) = Community Members)

( ^ = Characters which only appear during the April 7, 9 & 14 performances of the play)

( ~ = Characters which only appear during the April 8, 13 & 15 performances of the play)