Theatre and the Department of Art, Music, and Theatre are pleased to announce the start of a B.A. in Theatre to begin FALL 2017.

The B.A. in Theatre at UIS was given final approval by the IBHE at its Sept. 27th meeting.

The major in Theatre provides students the opportunity to gain knowledge of human cultures and to practice integrative and applied learning through challenging coursework in performance, design, technology, directing, and playwriting, as well as the opportunity to work in various productions as an actor, a director, a playwright, a stage manager, a dramaturg, a designer, a make-up artist, or as a lighting, sound, or props technician. The curriculum provides opportunities for students to  further develop their talents as theatre artists by working with great dramatic literature in the classroom and on the stage, and includes both discipline-specific skills and transferable skills for a variety of jobs. The enhanced exploration of the collaboration needed to create a fully-realized production prepares students for a variety of real world work experiences including project management, team work, and working with a limited budget. Students with a B.A. in Theatre may pursue occupations directly related to theatre (acting, directing, producing, stage managing, playwriting, set, costume, lighting design, etc.), as well as careers in arts management, education, counseling, non-profit management, media industries, law, advertising and marketing, and public relations, just to name a few. Theatre faculty members bring a wealth of artistic experience to creating intimate classroom and studio experiences for students. Interested prospective students can now start contacting UIS Theatre and the Department of Art, Music, and Theatre for more information re: earning a Theatre degree at UIS.

UIS offers a Theatre Minor. All UIS students can take theatre coursework as electives or towards completion of a Theatre major or Theatre minor (18-19 hours). All Theatre courses are listed under “THE.”

More information regarding the Theatre Major will soon be added to this page. In the meantime, please contact any of the theatre faculty members with any questions you may have.

By taking either THE 108 Principles of Stagecraft, THE 273 Principles of Acting, or THE 274 Introduction to Theatre, students can satisfy part of the General Education Visual, Creative, and Performing Arts requirement (or General Education Humanities requirement, with THE 274). All three courses are required for the Theatre Major and Minor. Both THE 273 Principles of Acting and THE 274 Introduction to Theatre are usually offered each semester (Fall and Spring), and THE 108 Principles of Stagecraft is usually offered once per academic year.

By taking THE 381 Theatre History I, students may earn upper division Gen Ed credit. THE 381 Theatre History I is a Theatre Major & Minor elective and is usually offered at least once every three years.

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