Teacher Education Scholarships

Below is some brief information about some of the scholarships available at UIS for Teacher Education students.

Complete your FAFSA and apply using the UIS Institutional Scholarship Application!

Ann Orr Carlson Student Teaching Scholarship

In memory of Ann Orr Carlson, who taught in Springfield public schools for 27 years as a 2nd and 3rd-grade teacher.  A dedicated and caring teacher, Ann served as a supportive mentor to many student teachers over her long and distinguished career.

Eligibility: (1) Be in your student teaching semester, (2) have elementary education as a primary major, secondary major, or pursuing elementary education certification, (3) have academic merit, and (4) plan to pursue an elementary education teaching career.  Preference will be given to students student teaching in Springfield School District #186.

Cinda Klickna Scholarship

Cinda Klickna taught high school English in Springfield District #186 for over 25 years.  She has served in leadership roles in many community and education organizations and has been a freelance writer for over 30 years.  Cinda’s lifelong passion has been education and helping students learn grammar and writing.

Eligibility: (1) Be pursuing teacher licensure to teach English or Language Arts at middle or secondary levels and (2) have strong English skills which may be demonstrated through the scholarship application narrative or essay.  Merit and financial need shall be considered equally.

Frankenfeld Scholarship

Eligibility:  (1) Be a post-baccalaureate student pursuing Illinois teacher licensure, (2) be non-traditional, and (3) demonstrate financial need and academic merit.  Preference is given to students working full-time and attending classes part-time.

Gordon & Ina Robertson Scholarship

Eligibility: (1) Be an undergraduate student, (2) pursuing a degree in education, and (3) have at least a grade point average of 3.0.

Loken Family Scholarship

Eligibility: (1) Be an undergraduate enrolled in the College of Education & Human Services, (2) must intend to be an educator serving students with special needs, (3) demonstrate financial need, and (4) be enrolled in at least 2 classes each semester.

Thomas Education Scholarship

Eligibility: Preference given to students who (1) have a grade point average of at least 3.2, (2) is from Illinois, preferably Sangamon County, (3) claim dependents on their FAFSA, and (4) demonstrated involvement in student activities or community organizations.  Awarded on the basis of academic merit and financial need.