Things You Should Know About Teacher Education

  1. The Department of Teacher Education provides a double major in Elementary Education and a minor in Secondary Education that is paired with specific content majors.
  2. Individuals who already have degrees can complete the same course sequence in either elementary or secondary education to become licensed teachers.
  3. In order to be recommended for a teaching license, students at UIS need to select an appropriate major and apply to (and be accepted into) either the elementary double major or secondary minor in the Department of Teacher Education.
  4. Potential candidates for the Elementary program have more specific parameters for general education course work and should consult with the Undergraduate Advisers for guidelines.
  5. There are several prerequisites that need to be satisfied before even applying to a program in the Department of Teacher Education.
  6. Students who are accepted into a program in the Department of Teacher Education should expect that their programs can usually be completed within the parameters of four years but will exceed the traditional number of hours for a degree.
  7. Once a student is accepted into a Teacher Education Program, s/he is referred to as a ‘candidate.’ This term originated with the Illinois State Board of Education, who use that term for students who are ‘candidates for teaching licensure.’ This maintains a distinction between university level teacher education students and students in K-12 schools.
  8. Candidates are also referred to as ‘preservice’ teachers because they are not yet serving in the K-12 schools as teachers. Licensed teachers who are serving in the K-12 schools are referred to as ‘inservice’ teachers.