Advising in the Teacher Education Program occurs on four levels.

Initial Program Advising:

Before applying to a TEP program, individual potential applicants meet with the Program Adviser for an introduction to the TEP programs and to have their transcripts analyzed.


After being accepted into one of the TEP programs, candidates are required to complete an orientation. Through this orientation applicants are advised concerning general information common to all candidates, such as

  • why they are referred to as ‘candidates’
  • which professors teach which courses
  • how to open a Taskstream account
  • who their TEP Faculty Advisers are
  • when to see their TEP Faculty Advisers
  • which assessments and exams are required by the Illinois State Board of Education

TEP Faculty Advising:

Once candidates are fully accepted into a program, they no longer see the Program Adviser but meet with their TEP Faculty Advisers instead. Candidates are

  • encouraged to arrange a meeting with their TEP Faculty Advisers soon after Orientation
  • required to meet with their TEP Faculty Advisers when requesting Special Approvals for methods courses
  • required to meet with their TEP Faculty Advisers to apply for clinical practice during the first two weeks of the semester prior to clinical practice.

TEP Faculty Advisers can also

  • help candidates plan their progression through the program
  • provide information about requesting placements for field experiences
  • direct candidates to appropriate professional development activities

Other University Advising:

Candidates who are completing concurrent content majors / bachelor’s degrees will also have advisers in their major areas and should consult with those advisers on matters concerning coursework in the major.  Note:  Advising is not always carried out the same way across colleges and programs; candidates should not make assumptions about advising practices in colleges and programs outside of the Department of Teacher Education.

Candidates who already have bachelor’s degrees and are completing the TEP program for licensure only may be required to meet with a faculty adviser in a major content area to determine what additional coursework (if any) needs to be taken in order to fulfill Illinois State Board of Education content standards.