Student Information

UIS Teacher Educators are committed to preparing the next generation of teachers.

Jen Brooks Two teacher education candidates work on a class project

Effective Teachers:

  1. Believe all of their students can learn at high levels, view all students from asset based perspectives, and advocate for students in these regards
  2. Understand the cultural and language assets of their students and incorporate them into the school and the curriculum
  3. Demonstrate a commitment to lifelong professional learning, continuing to add to content and pedagogical proficiencies, aided by analysis and reflection of new information and ideas
  4. Cooperate and collaborate effectively, respectfully, and empathetically with parents, community members, and colleagues
  5. Commit to mastering best practices that are informed by sound research and  theory
  6. Reflect integrity and  professionalism in the classroom, in the community, and larger society, and engage in culturally responsive, responsible, and respectful social media practices
  7. Communicate clearly, effectively, thoughtfully, and responsively
  8. Advocate for system-wide high quality learning opportunities and experiences for all
  9. Seek understanding of complex issues in order to solve problems both independently and collaboratively
  10. Work toward the goals of social justice; educational equity, and inclusion; and diversity in general in all aspects of the profession

Kappa Delta Pi International Honorary

Students may apply for membership to the UIS TEP chapter of the Kappa Delta Pi International Honorary.