Secondary Teacher Licensure

Required Courses

Introductory Courses

TEP 207 Foundations of American Education 3
TEP 223 Adolescent Development for Teachers 3
TEP 224 Exceptional Child for Teachers 3
TEP 227 Educational Psychology for Teachers 3
Total Hours 12

Core Courses

TEP 305 Technology For Teaching 3
TEP 315 Managing the Diverse Classroom 3
TEP 318 Curriculum, Planning, and Assessment 3
Total Hours 9

Methods Courses

TEP 419 Content Area Literacy Methods 3
Select one of the following depending on licensure area: 3
English Methods for Middle and Secondary Grades
Mathematics Methods for Middle and Secondary Grades
Science Methods for Middle and Secondary Grades
Social Studies Methods for Middle and Secondary Grades
Elective 3
Total Hours 9

Clinical Practice/Student Teaching

Secondary candidates who have successfully completed all general education requirements; all introductory, core, and methods courses; all course work for the content area, and all other requirements will be eligible to complete clinical practice. For secondary candidates, the clinical practice semester includes two courses:

TEP 449 Middle Grade and High School Student Teaching Seminar 3
TEP 451 ECCE: Student Teaching – Middle Grade and High School 9
Total Hours 12

Candidates are required to apply for clinical practice (student teaching). Applications are to be completed with the TEP Advisor within the prescribed time frame. Candidates must complete a state and federal background check as directed by the host district prior to the start of student teaching.