Secondary Teacher Licensure

In addition to the required courses below for Secondary Teacher Licensure, students may need additional courses to fulfill licensure requirements in areas of general education and content specific coursework to be recommended for a Professional Educator License.

Required Courses

Introductory Courses

TEP 207 Foundations of American Education 3
TEP 223 Adolescent Development for Teachers 3
TEP 224 Exceptional Child for Teachers 3
TEP 227 Educational Psychology for Teachers 3
Total Hours 12

Core Courses

TEP 305 Technology For Teaching 3
TEP 315 Managing the Diverse Classroom 3
TEP 318 Curriculum, Planning, and Assessment 3
Total Hours 9

Methods Courses

TEP 415 Teaching in Secondary Schools 3
TEP 419 Content Area Literacy Methods 3
Select one of the following depending on licensure area: 3
English Methods for Middle and Secondary Grades
Mathematics Methods for Middle and Secondary Grades
Science Methods for Middle and Secondary Grades
Social Studies Methods for Middle and Secondary Grades
Total Hours 9

Student Teaching

Secondary candidates who have successfully completed all general education requirements; all introductory, core, and methods courses; all course work for the content area, and all other requirements will be eligible to complete student teaching. For secondary candidates, the student teaching includes two courses:

TEP 449 Middle Grade and High School Student Teaching Seminar 3
TEP 451 ECCE: Student Teaching – Middle Grade and High School 9
Total Hours 12

Candidates are required to apply for student teaching. Applications are to be completed with the TEP Advisor within the prescribed time frame. Candidates must complete a state and federal background check as directed by the host district prior to the start of student teaching.