What You Can Do With The Elementary Major or Secondary Minor

Obviously most people complete a licensure program in Teacher Education because they want to make a difference in the lives of young people as teachers, either in public or private schools K-12. In addition, school leaders in Illinois, such as principals, superintendents, and school business officers must have education and experience in teaching prior to seeking those licensures.

But there are other career avenues for which Teacher Education is excellent preparation as well. Educators often take their teaching and communication skills into the private and non-profit sectors in management and training. Some teachers go on to get advanced degrees after teaching in K-12 schools so that they can become instructors in community colleges and professors at the university or college level.

Teachers with specific content area expertise often decide to utilize their expertise in the public sector outside of teaching in K-12 schools. For example, those who have been prepared to be social studies teachers often become docents at historical sites or museums. Candidates who prepare as science teachers often are employed at park districts, especially to work in educational programs.