Employment at the Survey Research Office

Student Employment

Students play an essential role in the Office’s research projects. Of the 40-45 individuals employed by SRO at any given time, over half are students. Students work for SRO as telephone interviewers and supervisors, as interns, hourly student workers, and as graduate assistants.

SRO Research Interviewing Lab

The largest role UIS students play in SRO’s work is working as interviewers and supervisors in the Survey Research Office’s Research Interviewing Lab. Students should check CareerConnect to see if SRO is currently hiring by searching for the position title “CATI Interviewer” for the research interviewer position and “Research Interviewing Supervisor” for the supervisor position. Please note that hiring is conducted chiefly in the fall with limited hiring in the spring and summer.  Please see below for basic job qualifications.

Undergraduate Internships and Graduate Assistantships

The Survey Research Office is committed to providing interested students with internships. In the past, we have helped undergraduates majoring in political science, communication, and economics complete internships. If you are an undergraduate student who is interested in learning in learning about careers in public opinion and survey research please contact the office.

SRO also offers two graduate assistantships to qualified UIS graduate students. We prefer candidates with an interest in conducting social science research and who aspire to careers in academia; however, we will consider individuals from all backgrounds. Please inquire with the GA program regarding graduate assistantships generally.

Community Employment

SRO hires both student workers and extra help workers from the community as telephone interviewers. Students should apply via CareerConnect whereas non-UIS students should apply via the University job board. Potential employees should be able to dedicate at least 15 hours a week on average to be considered for the position.

Job Qualifications

  • Excellent command of spoken and written English
  • Proficiency with Windows operating system such as is required to complete work
  • Punctuality and professional dress
  • Ability to cope with high stress situations (e.g., a difficult respondent)
  • High school diploma or equivalent (GED).