Procedures for Requesting Various Immigration Statuses


J1 Research Scholars, Professors and Short-term Scholars

  1. Sponsor completes the J1 procurement form (PDF);
  2. Sponsor in the department/college completes form, obtains appropriate signatures and attaches any necessary supporting documents (such as proof of funding);
  3. Sponsor submits form to Study Away Program;
  4. Study Away Program prepares form DS-2019 – usually within two weeks;
  5. Study Away Program sends DS-2019 packet to visitor, with copy to college.

When the visitor is abroad, he/she will make an appointment to present the DS-2019 and visa application to the U.S. embassy or consulate to apply for a J-1 visa. Spouse and children may apply for J-2 dependent visas.

If the visitor is in the U.S., DS-2019 may, in most circumstances, be mailed to the Immigration Service with a change of status request. Approval may take several months.

If visitor is in the U.S., on another institution’s J-1 program, he/she may usually transfer to our program if the category remains the same and if the time limit is not exceeded.

J-1 visa holders are not benefit eligible.

J-1 visa holders must be covered by health insurance while in the USA. Sponsors must inform the visiting scholars of this and work with Study Away Program to insure that they have coverage.

Hosting Visiting International Faculty/Scholars


H1 Specialty Occupation Workers – Used for tenure track faculty positions and other skilled positions

  1. Host college completes the H1B visa and green card initiation form;
    • Designated contact person in the college completes form, obtains appropriate approvals and attaches any necessary supporting documents (such as job offer letter);
    • College submits form to Study Away Program;
  2. Study Away Program prepares the Labor Certification and submits;
  3. Study Away Program Prepares the I-129 and works with host college to collect all necessary supporting documents and fees;
  4. Study Away Program submits H1B application material to the USCIS for processing. Can take 4-10 months. Premium processing is available for an additional fee.

To learn more, visit our complete H1B application procedure.

Permanent Residency-Green Card