FAQs About Studying Away

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Isn’t studying away expensive?

UIS offers a variety of options that range in costs. The costs of studying on one of our exchange programs or through NSE are very comparable to studying at UIS.  There are a variety of ways to pay for studying abroad, including scholarships, financial aid, and loans.

Will I be able to use my financial aid to study abroad?

You will want to talk with an advisor in the Office of Financial Assistance to go over your aid package to see what will be available to you while you study abroad.  Generally students studying on one of our exchange programs can use most if not all of their aid.  Through the generosity of several donors Study Away Programs is able to offer 20 $1000 travel scholarships each year to full-time students studying away internationally.

Is it possible to complete major requirements while abroad?

Yes.  Many students are able to earn credit toward their major while studying away.  Credit earned while studying with one of our exchange partners or with another university or program provider is considered to be transfer credit.  As such your department will have to approve the transfer in of any such credit.  In order to determine if this will be possible you should talk with your academic advisor in your department.

Can I use study abroad credits to satisfy ECCE requirements?

Yes. Students who register and receive a passing grade for UNI 460, 470 or 480 automatically receive ECCE Engagement Experience credit and can petition for ECCE Global Awareness credit.  Please note that students studying away in the USA through NSE do not receive ECCE credit.

Will studying away delay my graduation?

Many students study away and graduate in four years. Students earn credit toward graduation requirements for most courses taken abroad. By frequently consulting and meeting with academic advisors, students can even study abroad for an entire academic year without affecting their graduation date.

Will studying away help my career?

Employers look to hire well-rounded employees who are able to demonstrate the ability to adapt well to new situations and thrive in multi-cultural environments. Businesses are increasingly growing into international companies and utilizing skills gained from a study away experience gives potential employees an edge that others lack.

Is it difficult to get accepted?

Most of the students who meet the minimum qualifications and complete the application process are accepted to study away. UIS is looking to increase the number of students studying abroad, and will work closely with you to find the program that best meets your needs and qualifications.

“Studying abroad meant more to me than words can say. I was not only immersed in a new culture, I was able to experience college from another part of the world.” – Blake Johnson (University of Hull, fall 2010)