Non-UIS Programs

The Global Experience Program is designed to permit UIS students to pursue their academic interests throughout the world. If you are interested in studying at a university or on a program that is not affiliated with UIS, you will be able to do so through the Global Experience Program.

Your first step will be to identify a study abroad program that best matches your academic interests and preparation. There are over 2500 study abroad programs around the world, so this first step can be somewhat daunting. Study Away Programs, which administers the Global Experience Program, has the resources to help you focus your search and find the program(s) that are best for you. In this light you should plan to meet with the staff in Study Away Programs as you begin your research into study abroad.

The application process for non-UIS programs is similar to that for UIS programs with one additional step. Applicants will need to submit a UIS Global Experience Program application and a program application for the specific program they are interested in. Applicants will need to provide the screening committee with information on the program they are interested in pursuing. In specific, the committee will need details on the program’s accreditation, the syllabi of the courses that the student intends to take, the support services provided by the program (room, board, local travel, health care, etc.), and the program’s costs.

Application Deadlines for non-UIS programs are:

  • Summer Programs – March 15th
  • Spring programs – October 15th
  • Fall programs – March 15th

Please note that the universities and program providers offering study abroad opportunities may have earlier deadlines.

Students who have been approved to study on a non-UIS program can register as UIS students for their term abroad maintaining their full-time UIS status and eligibility for financial assistance.

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