H1 Specialty Occupation Workers

Used for tenure track faculty positions and other skilled positions

  1. Host college completes the H1B visa and green card initiation form;
    1. Designated contact person in the college completes form, obtains appropriate approvals and attaches any necessary supporting documents (such as job offer letter);
    2. College submits form to Study Away Program;
  2. Study Away Program prepares the Labor Certification and submits;
  3. Study Away Program Prepares the I-129 and works with host college to collect all necessary supporting documents and fees;
  4. Study Away Program submits H1B application material to the USCIS for processing. Can take 4-10 months. Premium processing is available for an additional fee.

To learn more, visit our complete H1B application procedure.

Permanent Residency-Green Card

Deemed Export Certification

Deemed Export Certification (Adobe Sign Form)