Frequently Asked Questions

Entrance of Student Union

Q: What is a Student Union?

A: Designed primarily for use by students, a student union serves as the center of students’ social and organizational activities. Student unions generally have expansive lounges and numerous booths and nooks to encourage discussion, collaboration, and study. Student Unions often also house restaurants and coffee shops that serve as gathering places to attract students, as well as a large space for conferences, events, and gatherings, and offices for student government and organizations. (The UIS Student Union will have all of the above attributes.)

Q: Why is a Student Union so important to a university campus?

A: A Student Union brings students together for activities and opportunities that build a closer, more familiar student body. At a Student Union, students gain a sense of belonging and become more deeply engaged in the campus community: it’s a place to see and be seen and a place where students can become known by sight first and then by name.  As a result, a Student Union fundamentally can fundamentally change student life on a college campus and both energize recruiting and strengthen retention

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Q: How big will the Student Union be?

A: 50,000 square feet. This will include a large main floor, an intermediate tier, and an upper floor.

Q: How much will it cost?

A: $21.75 million.

Q: How will the Student Union be funded?

A: Student fees, together with other funds, will provide about $13.75 million for the project. The other $8 million will come from fundraising.

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Q: When will the Student Union be finished?

A: We anticipate that the Student Union will open in 2018.

Q: What will be in the Student Union?

A: The Student Union will include a Welcome Desk, a lounge, restaurants, a convenience/spirit store, the Student Leadership Center, and a ballroom. View a Tour of the Student Union (conceptual drawings)

Q: Where will the Student Union be located?

A: The Student Union will stand at the south end of the Main Quad, with the Colonnade and main academic buildings to the north and recreational spaces to the south.  (See image above.)