Virtual UIS Student Affairs

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The Division of Student Affairs provides programs and services to inspire students to take ownership of self and social responsibility, to become globally aware citizens and appreciate human diversity, and enhance holistic development and the students’ overall well-being.

Our departments continue to support students through the transition to remote classes during Spring 2020.

This website highlights the virtual and online opportunities our division has made available to students during this time when they are not on campus.

Self-Awareness & Self Care

Students will understand self-awareness as a process that is both acknowledging growth and embracing a true identity.


Students will understand meaningful connections as the foundation for their continued development.

Upcoming Events:

UIS Connection


Students will understand inclusion as both being socially aware and globally focused.

  • Identity Based Connection Groups
    • Black students
    • Hispanic students
    • First Generation students
    • LGBTQIA+ students
    • Women
    • Students with disabilities
    • International Students


Students will understand leadership as both taking action and creating legacy.