Homecoming Parade

Homecoming Parade

Friday, October 7th


The parade is an annual Homecoming tradition at Illinois Springfield. We hope you come out to enjoy the festivities, the UIS band and much more!

Participation in the parade is open to student organizations, athletic teams, residence halls, campus departments, businesses and non-profit organizations.

Great prizes are awarded to student organizations and community entries.

Parade judging criteria

  • Use of homecoming theme
  • Spirit
  • Creativity/originality
  • Sustainability

Tips to make a more sustainable parade entry

Reuse – Do you have items/materials that could be reused/re-purposed for your float? Reuse makes sense from a supply budget standpoint and using re-purposed items can add a fun creative twist to floats.

Recycle – What happens to the float after the parade? Try to consider this and design with materials than can be reused/recycled after. The goal is to not fill the dumpsters post-parade.

Litter – Be mindful of what you hand out/toss out during the parade. Will it all just end up on the ground?

Power – What will power your float? Instead of a car or truck could your design work with bikes? Human power? Other? This is another area to display creativity and ingenuity.

Let us know – Consider ways to let the crowd/judges know that you are working towards creating a more sustainable Homecoming parade