NPR Illinois Foreign and Independent Film Series

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Fall 2018 Schedule


Brookens Auditorium

The Foreign and Independent Film Series is a Student Life-sponsored series that hosts a variety of critically acclaimed independent and foreign films.. Attendance is FREE! If you have suggestions for future films for this series, please e-mail

September 7 – Trainspotting (1996), from UK, in English, 94 minutes, Rated R

Mark Renton lives in Edinburgh, and is a heroin addict. After one too many brushes with the law, Renton kicks heroin and moves to London where he finds a job, a flat, and some peace of mind. However, his friends all arrive at his doorstep, leading Renton back into drugs and crime.

October 12 – Leave No Trace (2018), from US, in English, 99 minutes, Rated PG

Will and his teenage daughter, Tom, have lived off the grid for years in the forests of Portland, Oregon. When their idyllic life is shattered, both are put into social services. After clashing with their new surroundings, Will and Tom set off back to their wild homeland.

November 16 – Au Revoir Les Enfants (1987), from France, in  French, 104 minutes, Rated PG.

A French boarding school run by priests seems to be a haven from World War II until a new student arrives. He becomes the roommate of the top student in the class. Rivals at first, the roommates form a bond and share a secret.

December 7 – I, Daniel Blake (2016), from UK, in English, 100 minutes, Rated R

A 59 year old carpenter recovering from a heart attack befriends a single mother and her two children as they navigate their way through the impersonal, Kafkaesque benefits system.