SMTD Bus Route Information

Click on the links below to access ‘palm cards’ for various locations in the local Springfield area. Each card provides detailed instructions on how to get from UIS to the desired destination, including route numbers, bus stop locations and available times. Return information is also included.

SMTD – UIS to South 6th Walmart

SMTD UIS to Veterans Walmart

SMTD UIS to White Oaks Mall

SMTD UIS to Downtown

SMTD UIS to Mini Devon

SMTD UIS to Little World Market

SMTD Bus Options for UIS Students RESIDING in Chatham Hills

SMTD Route Numbers to local venues

SMTD Contact information



Age 5 and Over                                                 $1.25

Transfers                                                           FREE

Ages 4 and Under

  • 1 or 2 children with Adult                           FREE
  • More than 2 children                                  $.60

Disabled (with Medicare card or SMTD ID)      $.60


Discount pass (yellow)                                     20 rides/$20

Disabled person (blue)                                    20 rides/$12

Passes can be purchased on campus at the UIS Bookstore and at the Cashier Office

For more information, please contact the Student Life Office at 206-4762 or SMTD at 522-5531

You may also check out the SMTD website at