Reflections and Journaling

Writing – Words that Shine
This practice is based on the belief that the sacred speaks to us when we listen. First, set your intentions. Ask yourself: What do I need? What am I experiencing? Listen silently for divine direction. As you listen, ask yourself: What phrases are arising? You’re invited to write these words and phrases on small sheets of paper (index cards, back of receipts) and stick them in a notebook. Listen for words that shimmer when spoken or read.
Source: “Sacred Practices for resilience and resistance” from The Sanctuaries

Gratitude – Writing
This is a simple and popular practice. There are different ways to approach it but the basic practice is to write down 5 or 10 things everyday that you are grateful for. It usually works best first thing in the morning or at the end of the day. Be specific, if you are too general you will quickly be repeating yourself. Think in detail i.e. I’m grateful the hot water is working today, I’m grateful that I have shoes to wear, I’m grateful for thumbs. Not only do you develop an appreciation for all the things we are blessed by, it also lets you reflect on all the things that actually go into your day to day activities