Campus Policies and Procedures

Procedures for forming and maintaining a student organization

The University of Illinois at Springfield encourages students to form new organizations and maintain currently established organizations.

In order to start a new student organization must have

  • A current constitution and by-laws with a statement of the purposes and goals
  • At least FOUR active members are currently registered UIS students
  • A UIS faculty or staff advisor
  • A president or representative must attend a yearly workshop

All student organizations must agree to the following

  • We agree that our organization must comply with all University Policies and Procedures as outlined in the Student Handbook
  • All student organization members must be UIS students.
  • The organization shall not discriminate against a member or prospective member on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, national origin, ancestry, political affiliation, age, marital status, handicap, unfavorable discharge from the military or status as a disabled veteran or veteran of the Vietnam era, except as specifically exempted by law.

All student organizations must re-register on a yearly basis. Student Life recommends that student organizations re-register every academic year by Sept. 15th. Failure to register each year by this deadline will result in any existing space requests to be cancelled and the existing webspace to be terminated.

Space Reservations

Policy created: 2007, Policy last reviewed and updated: 7/30/09
It is in the best interest of the organization to submit space requests as soon as possible since space on campus is limited and requires collaboration with various departments


All Student Organizations must submit a space request via the Student Life Website. Student Life then coordinates with various departments to process the request


  • To allow for proper planning, we advise that space requests be submitted at least 4 weeks prior to the event.
  • Any conference center spaces, Residence Life, or classroom space request submitted with than 2 weeks prior to the event will not be processed. Conference Center spaces include Brookens Auditorium, all PAC Lettered Rooms, Sangamon Auditorium Lobby, PAC Annex (old bookstore), PAC Councourse and Food Emporium.
  • Space requests for other campus areas including the Student Center, Student Life Large and Small Conference Room, SOC Lounge, Diversity Center, SLB Gym, and SLB Multipurpose Room may be submitted with less than 2 weeks notification. Student Life and the coordinating department will strive to accommodate all requests if the space is available and staffed.
  • Space Requests submitted with less than 7 working days notification will have to use the space “as is” meaning that a set up can not be submitted.

Demonstration/Rallies (tentative)

The University of Illinois at Springfield seeks to preserve the student’s privilege to take an active role in exercising their rights of expression, conscience, affiliation, and peaceful assembly. At the same time, the University also recognizes its responsibility to protect the rights and freedom of those who wish to pursue their educational interest without interference. The following procedures have therefore been established to safeguard the orderly functioning of all rights while also providing for the safety and protection of members of the University community.

  1. All demonstrations or peaceful assemblies must be registered with the Office of Student Life at least 48 hours in advance. Standard space reservation procedures must be followed for the use of any University space. Demonstrations or peaceful assemblies are generally defined as any public manifestation of welcome, approval, disapproval, protest, or conscience by a student or groups of students. (Assemblies commonly associated with social or athletic events are not usually within the purview of this definition.)
  2. At the time of the registration, the student or groups of students will be advised by the Director of Student Life or designee of any guidelines that will be required for the demonstration or peaceful assembly. Guidelines may include the time, place, and duration of the demonstration or assembly and the maximum number of people who may participate. The decisions of the Director of Student Life regarding any demonstration or assembly guidelines may be appealed within 24 hours to the Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs.
  3. The following restrictions apply to all demonstrations or peaceful assemblies:
    • Blocking or impeding vehicular or pedestrian traffic is prohibited.
    • Blocking access to or from campus buildings or offices is prohibited.
    • No activity that promotes violence against person or property is permitted.
    • Observers may not interfere with participants of the demonstration or assembly in any way.
    • Activities of participants or observers that disrupt or disturb classes, meetings, or any other normal functions of the University are prohibited.
  4. All individuals participating in or observing a demonstration or peaceful assembly must comply with any request of University officials or campus police. Any student who violates any part(s) of this policy will be subject to judicial action. Depending on the individual circumstances, criminal charges may also be filed. A recognized organization that violates any part(s) of this policy may have penalties imposed upon it by the Director of Student Life.


Last updated: 7/30/09
The Office of Student Life does not require approval of campus flyers. Student organizations may post on any campus bulletin board that is not marked “for department use only.” If a student organization wishes to window paint it is allowed in the Food Emporium, LRH, FRH, and Student Center with permission. A form can be located at student life or SOC or obtained on the Student Life website. Chalking is permitted as long as you chalk in an area that rain can wash it away (ie do not chalk under overhangs or highly wooded areas) If your organization has a unique marketing approach you want to employ on campus please speak to your liaison to avoid any potential conflicts.


When student organizations travel off campus for an event or meeting, it is required that they notify there student life liaison and ensure all members attending have filled out liability forms.

Hazing (tentative)

Any and all forms of hazing are completely prohibited at the University of Illinois at Springfield. Hazing is defined as “… an act that endangers the mental or physical health or safety of any person, or that defaces, destroys, or removes public or private property for the purpose of initiation into, admission into, affiliation with, or as a condition for continued membership in, a group or organization.”


Created: 8/07, Last updated and reviewed: 7/30/09
Student Organizations must register all fundraising activities with the Student Life Office/Student Organization Center at least one (1) week prior to the scheduled activity. Fundraisers include all activities where there is a collection of funds, regardless of whether the money is donated to a charity or is deposited in the sponsoring organization’s account. Activities include, but are not limited to penny voting, merchandise sales, bake sales, race registrations, etc. Collection of dues from organization members and ticket sales for an entertainment event (i.e. comedy show) are not considered fundraisers.

Registering a Fundraiser

A fundraiser can be registered via the space reservation if campus space is being requested or via a fundraising form if on campus space is not needed (Both are located on the student life website under the Forms section)

Reporting Results

If the fundraising activity is to raise funds for a charitable organization, the total amount of money raised is to be reported to the Volunteer and Civic Engagement Center within one week of the conclusion of the fundraiser.


A Sangamon Country raffle license must be registered and presented to Student Life in order to conduct a raffle where tickets are purchased

Charitable Games

All fundraisers must comply with University, state and local ordinances and laws. Due to the number of legal, tax and operational issues associated with charitable gaming events student organizations are not permitted to sponsor them in order to raise funds. These include but are not limited to any of the following events for fundraising purposes: Casino Nights, Texas Hold’m Tournaments, and additional card tournaments.

Credit Card Vendors

Credit Card Vendors are prohibited on UIS Campus.

Car Washes

UIS will supply hoses when you:

  • Complete a student organization space request and indicate it is a fundraiser.
  • Meet with your student organization liaison to review the event.


Fundraisers associated with the sale or consumption of alcohol are prohibited.


All money raised must be deposited into a UIS student organization fundraising account within 24 hours of the event. If the event occurs on Friday or Saturday, however, the money must be deposited at the Bursar’s Office the next business day.


A student organization may accept financial assistance (i.e., money, products, or service) from an agency, company, or business that is not a part of the University under these conditions:

  • Prior to solicitation, a student organization must send a list of companies to be solicited and a copy of the proposed letter to the Office of Development and Student Life (at least two weeks prior to anticipated solicitation). This is to ensure sponsors/donors are not being solicited by numerous campus departments/groups.
  • Solicitation can not occur until both the Office of Development and Student Life have signed off on the list of companies and solicitation letter.
  • The student organization may not imply any endorsement, or connection between the University of Illinois at Springfield and any product, service, agency, or business.
  • All advertising and promotional material must clearly and dominantly indicate that the student organization is the sponsor. An outside source giving significant financial assistance may be recognized as a supporter through the use of the words “with support
    from…” Student Life determines the extent to which financial assistance is significant.
  • The student organization must manage all advertising and promotions.
  • A commercial sponsorship from a business that primarily involved the production, sale, distribution or serving of alcoholic beverages or tobacco products is prohibited.
  • Before any commitment is made to accept monetary assistance from an outside source, the student organization must secure a contract with the outside source, and the contract must be approved by the Office of Student Life and the Office of Development.


Special attention in regards to tax issues must be taken into account for fundraising. For fundraisers other than bake sales, student organizations are expected to pay taxes on all sales. If a student organization is planning to do a fundraiser a space request form is needed, or if space is not required, a fundraising request form. If you have tax-related questions, do not hesitate to contact Student Life.

Cash Boxes for Student Organization Fundraising

  • Event approval must be received before a cash box (Change Fund) will be authorized. This must be done at least one week prior to the date of the fundraising activity. Once the event is approved, the Student Life Office will submit a completed Request for Petty Cash and Change Fund form to Cashier Operations to request a cash box. The cash box will be prepared with $25 in cash (please specify the denomination) so that your organization will have the ability to make change on the day of the activity. The cash box provided by Cashier Operations must be on site at any event designed to raise funds.
  • On the day of the event (or the Friday before, if the event is on a weekend), the designated custodian of the cash box from the organization should stop by the Cashier Operations Office during normal business hours of 9:00am to 4:00pm, to pick up and sign for the cash box. Student must show I-Card when signing for cash box.
  • If the event ends during business hours, the money should be taken to the Cashier Operations window with the necessary deposit voucher/check log completed. The Cashier Operations Office will deposit these funds into the student organization’s fundraising account (Contact the Student Life Office for this account number prior to the beginning of the event, as the Cashier Operations Office does not have access to this account number).
  • Deposits after Cashier Operations Office normal business hours, of 9:00am to 4:00pm, are made by sliding the cash bag (with the cash and completed deposit form/check log in it) through the space under the cashier window and letting it drop to the floor. (The empty cash box can be turned in to the Cashier Operations Office on the following business day.
  • All money raised on campus by student organizations must be deposited into an account at the Cashier Operations Office as soon as possible and no later than 24 hours after the conclusion of the event (with the exception of events held over a weekend).
  • For fundraising events lasting longer than one day, a deposit form/check log should be completed and taken to the Cashier Operation Office on a daily basis. Daily deposits should consist of total receipts for the day less $25 change fund. (example: $125 cash + $125 checks, deposit should equal $225 with $25 remaining in the cash box)
  • Deposits are verified and deposited into the correct account by the Cashier Operations Office daily. Receipts for the cash deposits are sent by intercampus mail to the Student Life Office. The Student Life Office will then place the receipts in the student organization’s file, which you are encouraged to review in a timely fashion.

Student Life E-mail Policy

Last reviewed: 7/30/09
Student Life E-mails will be sent out on Mondays and Thursdays only. The Monday edition will include events taking place on Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday. The Thursday edition will list events taking place on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday (as well as upcoming events taking place the following week). Student organizations who have submitted a space request within a week prior to the event will automatically be added to the e-mail. If an event does not require a space and would like it included in the e-mail they should submit the event information to by 3 p.m. on Friday for the Monday e-mail and 3 p.m. on Wednesday for the Thursday e-mail.

Due to the large number of events received, all events must be in a format that can be cut and pasted into the Student Life e-mail. Incomplete submissions or those that cannot be copied will not be included. No photos, graphics or attachments will be accepted. Please include the following information:

  • Event Name
  • Sponsoring Organization
  • Event Time
  • Event Location

No e-mails will be sent out to the official student distribution list for individual student organization events (with the exception of information related to the bi-annual Student Government Elections, SAC, Student Life Events/announcements).

Policy Regarding Public Displays on the UIS Campus

Created: 4/11/06, Last Reviewed: 7/30/09
Students/student organizations are free to gather for events on the UIS campus and to display various equipment/symbols/decorations, etc. in conjunction with their events.

However, no items are allowed to remain as a display at the conclusion of an event unless a member of the student organization remains with the items for the duration of the display.

In addition, no holes may be dug in the ground for the purposes of such displays. Any item displayed at a student organization event must be on a stand or platform, or free standing on the ground.

Students are free to chalk the sidewalks in advance, or as part of their events.

Items cannot be draped or placed on campus benches, as that would interfere with the intended usage of those items.

Studio Theater Reservation Policies for Registered Student Organizations

Created 9/1/07, Last Reviewed 7/30/09
Registered student organizations are welcome to plan events in the studio theater. As with all campus spaces, there is not a rental fee for the space. However, due to the complexity of space, there are fees associated with operating the sound and light equipment and safety & security.

Additionally, the Studio Theater is in high demand from campus academic departments and requires intensive coordination with various campus entities.

For a student group to plan an event in the Studio Theater, the event must meet the following criteria:

  • The event must be open to all UIS students.
  • The event must be a non-revenue generating event.
  • The event can not compete with a SAC or ICCB-funded event.
  • The organization advisor must be present for the event including rehearsals, set up and take down.
  • The student organization must demonstrate a need for the space (ie. Why do you want to use the Studio Theater instead of other campus venues?)


  1. Student organizations must submit a space request via the Student Life Forms Section no less than 6 weeks prior to the event. (Note: Due to the high demand for the space it is recommended that the space is requested a semester in advance to confirm availability)
  2. The Student organization president (and/or representative) and student organization advisor must attend a preliminary meeting with a representative from Student Life and the Sangamon Auditorium to discuss the event and availability at least 5 weeks prior to the proposed event.
  3. The student organization president and advisor will meet with a representative from Student Life and Sangamon Auditorium to review the guidelines, confirm reservation and finalize set up details at least 15 business days prior to the event.
  4. A detailed agenda of the event must be turned into the Sangamon Auditorium no later than 3 business days prior to the event. This must include all audio/video materials clearly marked including cues.
  5. On the day of the event, one student representative and advisor must be available at least 30 minutes prior to the doors opening for the event and sign the clean up checklist following the event.

Within a week following the event the student organization, must turn in an event report to both Student Life and the Sangamon Auditorium.

Policy on Student Organization Fundraising Accounts

Student Organizations are encouraged to set up fundraising accounts for their finances. Student Organizations are not allowed to have outside bank accounts. All funds must be deposited in a fundraising account within 24 hours or the next business day. If a student organization has a deficit in their account they will be given up to one semester to raise the funds. If the funds are not raised in this time the organization will no longer be registered. If a student organization is not registered for 4 consecutive semesters the organizations account will be terminated and all funds will be placed into the Student Organization General Operations Account.

Media Services Charge Back Policies

Last updated by Media: 8/3/09
Monday through Friday, when the library is not open or it has reduced hours, there is a minimum 2-hour charge of $30/hr ($60). On Saturdays and Sundays you will be charged for 4 hours of labor @ $30/hr minimum charge ($120).

On a University holiday, higher labor costs will apply since the university pays staff double time and one half ($75) instead of the normal overtime rate of time and one half ($45) in which case there would still be the minimum 4 hour labor charge ($300).

Food Service Policies

University Food Service has sophisticated catering capabilities. They are capable of supplying a wide variety of food items as well as vegetarian and vegan options.

Menus are to be selected and finalized 10 business days (two weeks) prior to the event. Additionally a rough estimate of the total number of attendees and student organization account number is due ten business days prior to the event.

Four (4) days before an event you must guarantee the number of attendees or cancel food service. When you guarantee a number, you are saying you will pay for so much food or so many people. Food service sets the room for 5% more than the guaranteed number of attendees. If the number of attendees increases more than 5% in fewer than 4 days prior to the event, special arrangements need to be discussed with Food Service. Increased menu and labor charges may be necessary if Food Service is able to accommodate this last minute demand.

Food provided by Food Services will be charged back to your student organization’s account. This includes food, beverages, and service staff for banquets, parties, and table linens. Please note that a 15% service charge is added to all orders.

Please contact John (Brian) Patton in Food Service to discuss your event. He can provide you with additional information and guidelines based on the type of event you are planning.

Please be aware that your organization may be responsible for the loss of serving pieces that are not returned to food service following an event.

On-campus food service is certainly an easy way to have food available at your event. Below are a few tips to prepare your student organization for communication with Food Services

  • Prior to contacting Food Service you should have submitted a space request and received a confirmation of space.
  • Review online catering menu and discuss menu selection with Food Service
  • Estimate the number in attendance
  • Discuss the style in which the food will be served (sit down or buffet)
  • Have the organizations account number handy
  • Finalize menu selections two weeks in advance
  • Account number and event title with fiscal officer approval is due 10 days prior to the event.
  • Guarantee number 4 days in advance – or, cancel food service 4 or more days in advance
  • Discuss room layout with food service staff

However, if for some reason Food Service is unavailable for your event or you are having a potluck, or food/beverages donated to your organization, you must submit a Request to Waive UIS Catering form (doc) to the UIS Food Service (available through the office of Student Life also) with a thorough description of the event, menu and justification for waiver request. The waiver request will be reviewed by UIS Food Service, and if authorization is provide is approved.

UIS Student Organization Dance Policy

Created: 7/30/09, Last Reviewed: 7/30/09
In order to minimize risk, all student organizations hosting an on campus dance must meet with their Student Life Liaison no later than 2 weeks prior to the event. During this meeting items such as security, fire codes, and guest policy will be covered.

Responsibilities of Student Organizations for Dances

  1. Assign one student as the event coordinator who will be present throughout the event.
  2. Check University I-Cards prior to allowing participants to enter
  3. Have guests print their name, institution name (for college students) or home address (for non college students) and phone number on a sign in sheet.
  4. Prohibit participants from carrying in canes, sticks, or other potential weapons unless needed to accommodate a disability.
  5. Prohibit persons from taking beverage containers inside the dance party.
  6. Prohibit persons from entering if the facility has reached capacity
  7. Clean the facility to ensure that it is ready for the next event.

Student Organization Advisor/Staff Oversight Policy

Created: 8/4/08, Last Reviewed: 7/30/09
Student Life policy dictates that for events meeting any of the following criteria a University staff or faculty is required to be present throughout the event.

  1. If the event has an admission charge
  2. If the event is advertised to the general public (outside of UIS)
  3. If the event takes place in the Studio Theatre
  4. Additional events as deemed necessary by Student Life

Though it is not required that this staff person is the advisor, it is strongly recommended to ensure continuity of knowledge regarding the event.

Student Organization Alcohol Policy

Created: 8/24/06, Last Reviewed: 8/3/09
It is the policy of UIS that alcohol may not be served at on-campus events sponsored by recognized student organizations. Also, given that student organization events held off campus are an extension of UIS, it is the expectation of the Office of Student Life that sponsored student organization Student Activity fee funds many not be used to purchase alcohol.

Student Organization Prize Policy

Created: 1/10/03, Last reviewed and updated: 8/3/09


Student activity funds are made available to student organization to allow them to plan events and activities for UIS students. While it is understood that gift and prizes add a certain level of interest and excitement to these events , UIS and the Office of Student Life share the belief that too great a focus on prizes lessens both the value of the event in it’s own right and the educational and social opportunities provided for the event.

For this reason, student organization are encouraged to be judicious when making the decision to award prizes at their events. The Student Life Office also required the establishment of clearly defined process for the selection of winners in any contest or selection process.

While competition is an integral part of various events and activities, they also encourage students organizations when planning events involving prizes to keep the prize values to a level where competition is an enjoyable aspect of the event, rather than the sole cause for participation.


Prizes awarded at events are intended as enhancements and should not represent the primary expenditure. The value of prizes awarded should not exceed 10% of the total event budget from student activities fees (ie. ICCB funds).

o There is no limit on prize spending out of student organization fundraising accounts, student organization ,gift accounts or by donations from outside sources
o At the time the prize is awarded, the recipient and a representative of the organization must sign a prize receipt. One copy of this form should remain with the recipient. The other copy must be returned to the Student Life Office within 3 business days of the event.

Motion Picture Copyright Information

Registered Organizations often submit space and event requests for showing a film on campus. It is important to understand that when showing a film for an event, there are strict federal laws about film licensing and screening films for a public audience, such as an event. Films that you rent at a video store are licensed for private use, meaning they are licensed for the renter to watch at home with friends or family, but not for a renter to screen at an event or for a larger audience. To be able to legally screen a film for an event or for a larger audience, your organization will need to obtain permission in the form of a film license (from an agency that is legally permitted to license and grant permission to publically screen films) or from a waiver from the film’s studio (which is typically only granted with smaller independent or international studios).

If your registered organization is interested in screening a film, you will need to contact a licensing agency to purchase the rights to show the film. The license may often cost anywhere from $250-$950 depending on the title of the film you wish to show. This license, however expensive, will protect your organization from a potential copyright infringement and is required for student organizations. Your student life liaison can help you receive a quote for a film.

The following are some suggested film agencies where you can purchase a license and also rent a copy of the film you wish to screen:

  • Swank Motion Pictures 1-800-876-5577
    This agency represents most major studios and also has a large number of pre-release films available, or films that are not out on DVD and still in theaters, as well as a lot of older favorites.
  • Criterion Pictures 1-800-890-9494
    This agency also represent most major studios and has pre-release films available.
  • California Newsreel 1-877-811-7495
    This agency represents mostly documentary films and films about social change

Please note, when you submit a Space Request Form for a film screening, it will not be approved until you can produce a valid license (such as from an agency above) or proof of permission to screen a film.

Get more information on films and copyright infringement law (pdf).