Meditation and Breathing

Four-Square Breathing

Begin by finding a comfortable posture, either sitting or standing. Feel even points of contact with the ground, either through your feet, your tailbone, or your knees. Exhale to the count of four. At the bottom of your breath hold your lungs empty to the count of four. Inhale at the same four-count pace, count to four at the top of your breath before exhaling and beginning the cycle again


Calming Breath- Yogic 2:1 ratio
Sitting comfortably count the length of your natural inhalation and exhalation. Over several rounds of breathing, aim to work up to an exhale twice as long as your inhale. For example, you might do a four-count inhalation and an eight-count exhalation. Make sure to approach this breathing practice with mindful attention and patience, rather than forcing it to happen. Otherwise, it may induce stress rather than relaxing your system. During the extended exhale, visualize breathing and releasing all your stress and anxiety.