Stars Lounge Policies


  • Only students with valid UIS I-Cards are allowed to check out equipment.
  • Only one set of equipment can be checked out per UIS I-Card.
  • Only a Stars Lounge Attendant is allowed to remove game equipment or place it back in the drawers.
  • Please return all gaming equipment to the attendant 15 minutes before close.
  • No sitting on the gaming equipment.
  • The pool tables are not allowed to be moved. If an individual or organization moves the one or both tables there will be a $200 fee.
  • No food can be served off of the gaming equipment. The only exception is when the pool table insert is used and the cover is on.

Guest Policy

  • Stars Lounge is designed for UIS student use. Guests (defined as someone who is not employed by or taking classes at UIS) may utilize Stars Lounge as long as they are escorted by a UIS student/staff. If a UIS student chooses to check out equipment for their guest the student is responsible for the equipment.
  • If a guest is using a gaming area and a student wishes to use that area the student takes precedent.

Event Reservation Policies

  • Stars Lounge can be reserved for student events. Submit your request online at Student life forms.
  • If the event time proposed is after normal business hours the request must be submitted at least 4 weeks in advance.
  • Events held in Stars Lounge must be open to all UIS students.
  • For events that take place after normally scheduled Stars Lounge hours, an hourly attendant fee may be assessed ($15/hour for student organizations, $30/campus departments).
  • All events taking place in Stars Lounge will be required to set up a preliminary meeting with the Associate Director of Student Life or designee to discuss the event.
  • Organizations are required to clean up after themselves. This includes removing all the materials and food products The Stars Lounge staff will take care of wiping down the tables and the floor area.
  • Stars Lounge can not be reserved for personal use or non-UIS events (i.e. graduation parties).

Additional Policies

  • No alcoholic beverages will be allowed in Stars Lounge.
  • Only Stars Lounge staff members are allowed behind the counter.
  • Stars Lounge Attendants have the right to ask a member to leave Stars Lounge. Failure to comply with the requests of a staff member may result in judicial action or police involvement.
  • Stars Lounge does not provide change without a purchase.
  • Animals are not permitted in Stars Lounge. It is unhealthy to have animals near food preparation. Service animals are the only exception to this policy.
  • Any activity on campus undertaken for the purpose of sales, sales promotion, or political canvassing is strictly prohibited without authorization from the Associate Director of Student Life.
  • If you would like to use the Stars Lounge patio for a group event, it MUST be registered through the Student Life office.

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