About Student Life

Welcome to the Office of Student Life!


Student life at Illinois Springfield

The Student Life Mission Statement:
Student Life cultivates the personal, social and educational development of UIS students by engaging them in leadership opportunities and promoting participation in the campus community.

Student Life Vision Statement:

In pursuit of a vibrant community, Student Life will foster campus pride, engage and empower students, and encourage a sense of belonging.



Educational Priority:

As a result of their experience at UIS, students will be leaders cultivating inclusive communities.



1. Self-Awareness: Students will be able to identify and comprehend their emotions, interests and abilities as they cultivate a sense of self-worth and acknowledge the worth of others.


2. Connections: Students will understand meaningful connections as the foundation for their continued development.


3. Inclusion: Students will understand inclusion as both being socially aware and globally focused.


4. Leadership: Students will understand leadership as both taking action and creating legacy.



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