• UIS Student Handbook 2017 – 2018 (pdf)This online handbook includes information and links to academic and student affairs programs, arts and entertainment at UIS, athletics, food and dining, university policies and procedures, and campus safety, among many other topics. The Student Handbook is not an all-inclusive resource meant to take the place of the university catalog or other publication, but is rather one of many guides for students as they progress toward graduation. While the handbook is online-only, it is designed to allow printing of any or all of the pages of the handbook.
  • Leadership lived –  see archived Leadership Lived Featured Stories – UIS students embrace the university’s philosophy of leadership development. Some of the best ideas to enhance the student experience on campus have come from the students themselves. You’ll find UIS students mentoring their peers, creating new organizations, launching Greek life, passing referendums to support a new student union, or devoting countless hours to volunteering in Springfield.