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  • Understanding Social Justice with Dr. Mona Hicks, St. Louis University – 36 minutes

Dr. Mona Hicks discusses the distribution of advantage and disadvantage through social systems in culture. What are social injustices and how can we understand the social systems that perpetuate them in what ways do we contribute and in what ways can we create change?


  • Understanding White Privilege with Carl Wilson, St. Louis University – 38 Minutes

Carl Williams discusses white privilege. What is it and how does it affect us? Why it is different from racism and why doesn’t benefitting from white privilege make you a racist? – See more at: http://videos.myacpa.org/understanding-white-privilege

  • Activating Students, Parents, Faculty, and Staff Toward Creating a Movement of Social Justice with Dr. Kira Hudson Banks, 33 minutes

Dr. Kira Hudson Banks discusses the importance of listening to the voices of others, embracing a multicultural perspective and using it as a tool to create institutions that support minorities.


This video features his convocation lecture “Defining Moments: Black, Christian and Gay – A Life of Learning, Healing, Growth and Change” recorded at Franklin College in Indiana on February 19, 2015.

  • Multicultural vs. Colorblind with Dr. Kira Hudson Banks – 4 minutes

Dr. Kira Hudson Banks talks about the importance of adopting a multicultural perspective versus a colorblind perspective to social justice advocacy.


  • Internalizing Racism with Dr. Mona Hicks – 3 minutes

Dr. Mona Hicks recalls a story from her childhood when she experienced racism.


Confronting the Reality of Racism in the Academy