Division Continuing Education Program

Create, Learn, Innovate, Motivate, Be! Expand your skill set and knowledge base for personal and career enhancement and advancement through workshops and other opportunities with this Student Affairs initiative.

The Division of Student Affairs Professional Development Committee is dedicated to providing quality training and development opportunities to the student affairs professional. The sessions offered are designed to promote growth in several different professional, personal and wellness areas. Please look through our list of descriptions to find a session that interests you and best fits your needs. Participation in these sessions will give you an opportunity to enhance your professional skills and make you even more effective in your job within the Division of Student Affairs.

Participation in sessions will be given an opportunity to enhance professional skills and make each individual more effective in their job within the Division of Student Affairs.

Continuing Education Workshops and Webinars – Take your profession to the next level… here are a variety of videos and workshops you dont want to miss.