Overview of Our Centers and Offices

Listed below are the centers and offices within the Division of Student Affairs.



Director: Fernando Planas
University Hall Building – UHB 1080


The Office of Admissions oversees all applications to the University as well as the recruitment and retention of students.

Campus Recreation

KoeppeDirector: James Koeppe


Recreational Sports strives to meet the needs and interests of all who study and work at the University of Illinois Springfield. Participants of diverse ages, skill levels, and abilities are encouraged to take an active role in an assortment of individual and team opportunities. Services, programs, and facilities help to develop and sustain a culture of wellness on campus while improving the overall well-being of the individual.

Career Development Center

Director: Katherine Battee-Freeman
Legacy Campus – Student Affairs Building, SAB 50


Career Development Center provides individualized services to educate our diverse student and alumni population, addressing career development and job search needs. Providing professional career counseling and current career guidance resources, CDC promotes a greater awareness of the world of work and the need to view career development as a lifelong process.

Counseling Center

Legacy Campus – Human Resource Building, HRB 64
Director: Vacant


The Counseling Center enhances the academic mission of the university by providing supportive services for students. Confidential counseling is provided to address the personal concerns of students in a safe and private environment. The Center facilitates the academic progress of students by providing counseling and outreach programming that address issues of concern to students including stress and time management, depression, substance abuse, conflict resolution, communication skills and relationship concerns. The Counseling Center staff helps students build confidence, gain insight, and make changes to assist them in being successful as students and in their personal lives.

Cox Children Center

Stacey Gilmore

Cox Child Care Center House
Director: Stacey Gilmore

The Cox Children Center provides a model of high quality early education and care in a safe, nurturing environment for children of students, employees and community.

Dean of Students

Jantzen Eddington, J.D.
Legacy Campus – SLB 30

Serve all UIS students through outreach, programs and services focused on helping them enjoy college, be successful academically, prepare for graduation and careers, and assist them in successfully navigating needs and concerns that arise.

Dining Service

Student Union
Director: Geoffrey Evans


Food Services provides quality food, beverage and service at the lowest price possible to meet the needs of the diverse University community.

Disability Services

Sarah Colby Weaver

Legacy Campus – Human Resource Building, HRB 80
Director: Sarah Colby Weaver

Disability Services provides academic accommodations to students with documented disabilities and to assist students in succeeding in college-level courses by empowering them through a variety of support services.

Diversity Center

Legacy Campus – Student Life Building, SLB 22
Executive Director: vacant

The Diversity Center is dedicated to developing understanding of cultural differences through educational, cultural, and social programming activities. The office supports student organizations, offers guidance on issues related to diversity, and strives to promote and incorporate an appreciation for all that a multicultural campus offers. Programs and activities sponsored and co-sponsored by the office are designed to create a campus climate that welcomes diversity, eliminates divisions, and decreases intolerance and stereotyping.

In coordination with other campus offices, the Diversity Center promotes intercultural dialogue and other initiatives that encourage respect for and celebration of race, ethnicity, national origin, and sexual orientation.

Financial Assistance


University Hall Building, UHB 1015
Acting Director: Carolyn Schloemann


The Office of Financial Assistance aspires to ensure access to and affordability of an UIS education. We are committed to service excellence in our interaction with students and families and in assisting them seek funding to meet their educational goals. We strive to be fair, objective and professional in our dealings with all of our students in support of the University’s goals of enrolling and graduating a highly talented and diverse student body. We are dedicated to providing for the proper stewardship and fiduciary responsibility of all federal, state, institutional and private funding.

Gender and Sexuality Student Services

Legacy Campus, Student Life Building, SLB 22
Director:  Kerry Poynter

217/206- 8411

The mission of the Gender and Sexuality Student Services Office (formerly known as the LGBTQ Resource Office) is to provide education, advocacy, support, mentoring, and safe space for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, questioning, and allied students. As part of our services, the Office presents educational, cultural and social opportunities for all students to challenge intolerance and promote affirmation in an effort to create a more inclusive and affirming campus climate. We are a resource for all UIS students, including those that are lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and questioning and their supportive allies. As part of the division of Student Affairs, we work closely with other entities in the division to provide the most appropriate service and support to students.

Health Services

Legacy Campus – Business Services Building, BSB 20
Director: Lorie Mick


Health Services provides cost effective, comprehensive, accessible, professional health care to the campus community and provide preventive services and resources that support participation in health care, enabling individuals to recognize health as a comprehensive state over which they have control.

International Student Services

Legacy Campus – Human Resource Building, HRB 10
Director: Rick Lane


The Office of International Student Services supports the immigration, academic, cultural, and social experience of all UIS international students. The OISS is the primary liaison between our international students and the university, the community, and the U.S. government.

New Student Orientation & Parent Relations


Legacy Campus – Student Affairs Building, SAB 60
Director: Lisa McGuire


The mission of the Office of New Student Orientation and Parent Relations is to facilitate the transition of new students into the institution; preparing students for the institution’s educational opportunities and student responsibilities; initiating the integration of new students into the intellectual, cultural, and social climate of the institution; and supporting the parents, partners, guardians, and children of the new student.

Records and Registration


University Hall Building, UHB 1076
Director: Brian Clevenger


The University of Illinois at Springfield’s Office of Records and Registration (also known as the Office of the Registrar) consists of a number of sub-units responsible for a variety of duties. These sub-units include Registration (including course registration, catalog/schedule maintenance, and tuition/fee assessment), Records (including the issuance of official UIS transcripts and grade changes), Graduation (including the awarding of all degrees and associated diplomas), and Degree Audits (including the articulation of incoming courses and the evaluation of all degrees in progress).

Residential Life


Housing Butler Commons
Director: John Ringle


Residential Life fosters personal & academic growth in each resident, while providing diverse, progressive, collaborative, & reasonably-priced developmental environments integral to their premier public liberal arts education. Also provide exemplary customer service, intentional campus life experiences, & inclusive traditions which support & enhance their residential living/learning communities.

Student Life

Cynthia-ThompsonStudent Union, Student Leadership Center, Room 115
Director: Cynthia Thompson


Student Life encourages involvement and provides assistance to students as they become involved in the various co-curricular opportunities and sponsors campus-wide events and activities of interest to students and Springfield community.

Student Union

Executive Director: Ann T. Comerford
Email:  studentunion@uis.edu

The focal point of campus and student life, the Student Union at UIS has become the heart of the university campus, a place where students, along with faculty and staff, can spend time with friends, collaborate  on academic and leadership activities, and create an inclusive and welcoming campus community.

Veterans Affairs

Legacy Campus – Student Affairs Building, SAB 60
Coordinator: Mark Dochterman


Our staff will help guide the way through Veterans programs and education benefits, and provide assistance with the forms and information related to military grants and scholarships made available through the state of Illinois.

Volunteer and Civic Engagement Center

Student Union
Director: Vacant


Student Volunteers and Civic Engagement provides services and learning to social justice and civic engagement while fosteringresponsive, reciprocal partnerships between students, faculty, staff and community.

 Women’s Center

Student Affairs Building, SAB 15
Director: vacant


The Women’s Center works to improve the status of women in higher education at the University of Illinois at Springfield. The Women’s Center educates the campus community about gender-related issues, addresses matters of particular concern to women, and promotes a campus climate that is safe, healthy, and respectful of all people. The Center enhances all students’ academic experiences by offering information, support, advocacy, referrals, and programming on a variety of gender-related issues.