About the Division of Student Affairs

Vision Statement: UIS Student Affairs will be known for its commitment to excellence in the client focused approach to student services. Students First!

Mission Statement:

The Division of Student Affairs is a team of professionals dedicated to the mission of UIS who contribute to the personal and professional development of students. Programs and services offered inspire students to take ownership of self and social responsibility, to become globally aware citizens and appreciate human diversity, and enhance holistic development and the students’ overall well-being. “Students First!” is the philosophy that inspires, empowers and unites us.

Get to Know the Division of Student Affairs


Excellent Service

Holding our programs and staff to excellence in all that we do, Student Affairs respectfully supports students, faculty, staff, and parents with professional care. Our programs, services, and facilities assist students in their transition to campus life and help them to navigate and complete the college experience and to derive the greatest value and pleasure from their time at UIS.


Student Development

Our staff of professionals is committed to the enhancement of student leadership and the cultivation of their civic engagement. Student Affairs directly supports students’ life long development of personal, academic, and social skills.


Building Community

Our strong community partnerships and deep involvement actively engage students and faculty in the larger social system and promote service learning, social justice and civic engagement. We offer a safe, open, welcoming community that nurtures healthy personal development and a sense of belonging to everyone in the campus community.

February is Black History Month


We work to attract, to hire, and to retain students, faculty, and staff of all backgrounds. Our goal is a rich multicultural environment. Student Affairs emphasizes to its students and staff a diverse, tolerant campus community.


Organizational & Professional DevelopmentĀ 

The Student Affairs staff exhibits the values we hope students will exhibit. Our staff learns constantly as we serve and work collaboratively with students and colleagues to achieve a shared vision.

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