Goal #6: Resources and Infrastructure

**The below information is from the 2006-2016 UIS Strategic Plan. For information on the current 2018-2028 Strategic Compass, visit https://www.uis.edu/strategiccompass/ **

UIS has lofty goals and an inspiring vision. Many of the action steps expressed in the five previous goals require the allocation of new resources – financial, human, and physical. UIS will identify the resources needed to implement those goals and to address longstanding concerns. This goal is designed to support the other five goals and therefore requires a different structure.


Summary of Resources Needed for Goals #1 – #5 of this Strategic Plan (additional detail in Section 3 of the plan):

1) Financial Resources

UIS will take the necessary steps in the next five years to prioritize financial needs, especially the ones in this strategic plan. We will make the decisions necessary to pursue our vision. Following are expenditures that we estimate for implementation of A Brilliant Future.

  • Estimate of increase in operating budget (recurring) $4,351,000.
  • Estimate of one-time expenditures (nonrecurring) 95,000.

2) Human Resources

The initiatives and projects in this plan will require the hiring of additional staff or reallocation of current staff. We estimate adding an additional 31 FTE over the next five years – an increase of about 6% of our current staff.

3) Physical/Capital Resources

  • a) Deferred maintenance and R&R
  • b) A second residence hall
  • c) Additional laboratory facilities
  • d) Renovation of Brookens Library
  • e) Renovation of metal buildings
  • f) Conference Center
  • g) Student Center
  • h) Technology renewal
  • i) New academic building

4) Additional Longstanding Concerns and Needs

  • a) Recruitment and retention of faculty and staff
  • b) Strengthening of college offices with adequate staffing


A strategic planning resource needs summary is attached as Appendix E.