UIS Strategic Goals, Strategic Thrusts, Action Steps, and Performance Indicators

**The below information is from the 2006-2016 UIS Strategic Plan. For information on the current 2018-2028 Strategic Compass, visit https://www.uis.edu/strategiccompass/ **

University of Illinois at SpringfieldThis section provides details of the UIS strategic goals and thrusts.

Once adopted, these thrusts and goals will not be “extra work.” They will be the focus of our work, especially as we consider what changes to make in resource allocation.

The first three goals are considered our primary goals. The final three – dealing with campus culture, enrollment and retention, and resources and infrastructure – will assist in the achievement of our vision and the implementation of our goals.

  1. Academic Excellence
  2. Enriching Individual Lives
  3. Making a Difference in the World
  4. Strengthen Campus Culture
  5. Enrollment and Retention
    including “Stretch Ideas” for UIS
  6. Resources and Infrastructure