Resource Procurement Strategy

**The below information is from the 2006-2016 UIS Strategic Plan. For information on the current 2018-2028 Strategic Compass, visit **

UIS has five potential major sources of funding:

  1. The State of Illinois – continues to play a vital role.
  2. Tuition payers and their families – carry an increasing share of the burden.
  3. Grants and contracts – generated especially by faculty.
  4. Donors – do their part through generous giving.
  5. Reallocation – by administration to make the best use of available resources.


We recommend the following strategies to meet our needs:

Resource Procurement Strategy #1:  State of Illinois – General Revenue Funds

Although the state budget situation has had unprecedented problems in the past four years, UIS still receives a substantial amount of funding – more than $20 million annually – from the State of Illinois. We are projecting that the state will return to the practice of increasing funding for higher education in FY09, and we are planning for an average increase of 1.5% annually. This would generate just more than $300,000 annually – $922,000 in the three years from FY09 to FY11.

Resource Procurement Strategy #2: Tuition Plan

Because major increases in state funding are unlikely in the near future, UIS must work with students, their families, university administration, and the Board of Trustees to establish a reasonable tuition plan for the next five years.

Resource Procurement Strategy #3:  Grants and Contracts

Some of our action steps and initiatives must be supported by grants or contracts, or they cannot be implemented. These will be identified, followed by an aggressive plan to pursue grants and contracts for these items, and provide additional support to faculty and staff seeking grants.

Resource Procurement Strategy #4:  Donors

UIS has major needs for scholarships, professorships, and capital projects. The only way to fund these critical needs is through private giving. UIS will benefit from the upcoming capital campaign to market these needs and aggressively pursue private donors to meet them.

Resource Procurement Strategy #5:  Annual Reallocation

Because we cannot anticipate major new state funds in the near future and we have identified many critical needs in this strategic plan, UIS commits itself to reallocating 1% of its state and income funds in the next five years. The current operating budget is $33.1 million, so that would mean a reallocation beginning at $331,000 in FY07 and a total of $1.77 million in the next five years.